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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eileen Fisher Washable Crepe Pants Still Cheap at $58

UGH. Hate to keep posting about this stuff. In fact, I was going to post on either "Most Frugal Recipe EVER" or an interesting exhibit I saw in Berlin this summer ("The Lost Museum") or some of the books I've been reading.

However, lots of people thanked me for posting on the EF pants for $40 and then an anonymous commenter (thank you!) mentioned that sizes were restocked (it's true), so here's a reminder. These are the best pants EVER. Even worth it at the higher price of $58. Two summers ago, I wore them almost every day on a 6 week trip. This past summer, the honors went to the EF harem pants.

Anyway, I'm hoping all the money people save on these pants will be deposited into my KARMIC SAVINGS ACCOUNT. I'll report back when I get my karmic bank statement.

Here's the Neiman Marcus link once again (and remember, if you call Nordstrom, they will price match, and then you get their superior customer service).


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I took the bait. Theresa

tess said...

I hope I can eventually find these or something similar at a thrift store,
as I've found other EF pieces I like, $58 seems like a large splash still,
seems that if someone is a good sewer, these would be easy enough to duplicate,
I read an interesting article in the New Yorker about EF starting out buy buying ready made things
and having them altered as prototypes for her lines

Funny about Money said...

It's hard to miss with Eileen Fisher. Some of the tops, like the sleeveless shells, probably could be copied by a person who could sew decently AND had access to a decent fabric store (the last of those in our parts closed several years ago). But Eileen Fisher things last forever -- pick a timeless style, and its longevity will make the outfit pay for itself.

Hydra said...

I bought these pants after your $40 tip because, as another commenter wrote, you can't go (terribly) wrong with EF. When they arrived, I was like, "Eh. Glorified leggings." But when I tried them on, I was like, "Whoa! These make my legs look amazeballs!" Thanks for the tip!

Denise said...

Thanks for the tip. I bought them and they look great on and my husband even commented on me looking slimmer (without any prompting). They are still available in all sizes.