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Friday, September 21, 2018

About that time my friend and I were victims of sexual assault

Let's see, I was 16. Teri was 15.
We had a club held over our heads.
We got back to Teri's house and called the police.
I was crying as i gave the info to the operator--we had car description, perpetrator description, etc.
We waited for many hours.
The police never showed up.


Massapequa NY circa 1970.


Shelley said...

That must have been awful for you, the event itself, the trauma of reporting it and then the shock that the police never showed. Had they responded to the call you would probably have had to tell your parents and from what you've said, that wouldn't have been easy either. I wonder what it will take for females to be valued in the world.

marciaelaine said...

I'm so sorry this terrible event happened to you.

tess said...

How terrible! Sorry sad for the girls you were and the horrors you suffered.
I wish for Karma to stomp his punk ass!

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