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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can You Return Anything to Walmart? Kettle and Chicken!

I hardly set foot in the dreaded WM as we call it chez nous. That is because I suffer a nervous collapse after each visit and have to lie down for an hour. But last year we bought Frugal Son an electric kettle there for his final year of college. He wanted the WM version because it was made by GE, of which he is a partial owner (i.e. he owns a few shares of stock).

Imagine our annoyance when the appliance stopped working! Less than two years old. One of my former colleagues used to say "You can return anything to Walmart." So, since we were passing by, we put it to the test.

Even though we had no receipt, we were able to exchange for a new one lickety-split. WOW.

Meanwhile, an older fellow at the adjacent register was returning a giant package of partially frozen chicken breasts. From the looks of things, he had forgotten to freeze the meat in time and it was rotten. Seemed to me like he may have been negligent in the chicken department. Nevetheless, they gave him his money back (and he did have a receipt).

So I suppose I must add Walmart to my list of stores with good customer service.

Would you return chicken?


Duchesse said...

Usually a store won't accept perishables for return, but I guess they would rather not lose a customer. I have decided not to shop at WalMart.

Patience_Crabstick said...

I have returned perishables, but only when I was sure the store had sold me rotten food. I would never try to get a refund if the food spoilage was my fault. I don't buy food at Wal-mart, but I have been sold several bad items from Whole Foods--yogurt that was on the shelf past its sell-by date, packaged lunch meat that smelled horrible the minute I opened the package, tofu dogs that were totally slimy. They have always given me a refund, but I always bring my receipt. Twice, I've returned canned goods that exploded out of the can when I opened them--a sign of botulism. (The canned foods did NOT come from Whole Foods.) Once I bought jelly that had a layer of mold in it--invisible before the jar was opened.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Well, I go reluctantly about twice a year. Oh, how I wish I had access to the markets of Montreal!

@Patience--We used to get buggy grains from Whole Foods all the time. Not so much anymore. I can't believe you had exploding cans--scary.

Anonymous said...

We've had a situation in which W. no longer stocked the item we wished to return and in that case, we WERE turned down. It was for some hardware item DH has purchased.

I generally just dread the standing in line there.

The only food item I have ever returned anywhere was one of a pair of watermelons we bought. Sliced into the thing and absolutely NO flavor.

Suzy said...

I wouldn't return chicken and now thanks to your post I'm afraid to buy chicken there! well I almost always dig through to get mine off the bottom anways just in case..

Shelley said...

The last time I lived in the US, Wal-Mart didn't sell food other than soft drinks and snacks. I've never had occasion to return spoiled food, but if I did I think I would be unlikely to ever shop there again. I don't have a problem with Wal-Mart, then again it is only Asda over here, no better or worse than Tesco. I rarely shop at either as they are inconveniently located.