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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get Rid of Stuff/Make Money: Miss Em Tries Tradesy

Miss Em was wandering around the house this morning singing a made-up song: Get rid of stuff/make money. Ahhhhh. Shades of her younger years. Miss Em has been on a bit of a shoe splurge this year. When she told me she wanted yet one more pair of expensive shoes, I felt a fist clutching at my frugal heart.

But I'm going to be out of the country next year. (True) That's like a shopping fast.(I have my doubts.)

I told her to try selling some of my excess stuff (the good stuff, that is) to try to make some money. Hence the song lyrics. She discovered a site--a newish one--called Tradesy. Has anyone tried it? It seems to get a lot of press, so the owner is talented at getting PR. but I could find nary a review from a customer or a seller. It took her just a few minutes to list things, and listing is free, so we shall see.

If she sells all four of the shoes she listed, she can buy the shoes of her dreams.

Has anyone tried this or similar sites?


SarahB said...

Oh my gosh a second hand tote bag can cost $18,000!!

Connie said...

I always enjoy your blog!
When I looked at some of the beginning posts, I noticed a few photos were posted. Since I feel like I know you from reading for several years, could I please beg you to post some pics of you, your family, and your house?

Duchesse said...

Results are achieved by 1) selling brands people desire and 2) reaching a large audience of potential buyers.

How many people are looking at Tradesy?

And, wondering where Miss Em is going!

Jill said...

I hadn't even heard of Tradesy but will check it out. I want to sell a lot of my kids' Thomas the Tank Engine collection, maybe Tradesy would be better than eBay? Let us know what you and Miss Em think of the site!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Jill--Tradesy does only women's clothing. Awwww--my son loved Thomas! I'm sure you will find a recipient.

@Duchesse--Tradesy is pretty new, so we don't really know who is looking and for what. The demographic seems more 20-30s than my age. SERBIA!

@Connie--My DH and kids did the photos. I am embarrassingly inept. Maybe next fall, I will start adding photos. They look so good! Thanks for the kind words also--much appreciated.

@Sarahb--Unfortunately, I am not the owner of that bag. My items are $20 and under.