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Friday, August 23, 2013

Long Tanks at Chico's--on sale plus $25 off!

OK. I know I generally hate Chico's--poor customer service, too much flattery by salespeople, and tacky over-blingy styles. I do like their ponte pants and leggings, however. And I also LOVE a long tank I got there a few years ago. Mine is worn and pilly from overuse. The style was discontinued, alas, but made a reappearance this year.

At $39, my cheapitude set in. At $29, my cheapitude remained. At $19.50, I'm interested, especially because if you spend $50.00, you can get $25.00 off with this code: 18341.

Yeah, I'd rather have the Eileen Fisher silk version (no link, sorry--stay away from temptation). I even bought the EF at 40% off, but returned it unworn, because I JUST CAN'T SPEND $90 on a tank. Even if "retail" is $149. Sorry Eileen.

I got two and Miss Em, aged 22, got one. Total: about $36.00. I'm happy because it's hard to find long tanks that are slightly a-line. And skinny Miss Em likes it because it's long enough for her 5'10" frame.


Shelley said...

I hear you about the $90 for a tank - way too easy to sew. On the other hand, I still think of microfibre as underwear fabric. Also I have a black long sleeved tee that is 100% silk that is still wearable...25 years later? I think I would try the EF silks but perhaps buy via eBay.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--Believe me, I tried ebay. They are too $$ even there.

Liamsmom2 said...

What do you wear over a long tank? Would it look weird if a jacket or sweater is shorter than the tank?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Liamsmom--sorry about the delay. You can wear a short top or jacket over a long tank. I do all the time. Look at the Eileen Fisher website for ideas.

MBH said...

Thanks FS! I need all the fashion tips I can get so this is helpful! I have two tanks from Ann Taylor outlet but they have an edge that makes them look like I put them on inside out. My new Chico's one looks a lot better.