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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Am I Still A Picker? Church Sale and the Buffalo Exchange

I was driving to that frugal paradise, the public library, when I saw a yard sale sign by the Presbyterian Church. It was 11:45; the sale ended at noon. UGH! I love church sales. Last year, I got some great items for Frugal Son's new abode.

I went in and saw that it had been totally decimated. The exhausted volunteers told me that I could have a bag of stuff for $5--plus whatever didn't fit in the bag. Always glad to help.

I saw two ugly Christmas sweaters, something I KNOW I can get credit for at the Buffalo Exchange. I also saw a witch's hat. Ditto.

So I got those things, plus a NEW IN BOX Kohler toilet seat (!), currently $40 at Home Depot, some ugly oven mitts for Frugal Son, some envelopes for everyone (actually needed these), some ugly dip spreaders for me and Frugal Son (needed these too), a beautiful Dale of Norway cardi with pewter clasps (I have a weakness for these), and a serviceable black leather tote bag for lugging stuff my last few years of work. Two ponchos from the Grand Canyon (great for travel--these were in the little bags); a few sharpies.

The sweaters and witch hat went to the Buf (right near Frugal Son's abode and near Ace Hardware, where we had to get stuff anyway). We got about $25 in credit, with which Miss Em can get an item or two.

And this was just the detritus.

That's the toilet seat from the Home Depot site. My bathroom does not resemble the photo, alas.


The Frugal Shrink said...

I love this story! Meredith from the now-defunct Like Merchant Ships blog used to buy one item per yard sale-ing trip that she could resell to cover the cost of what she spent that day. I think it's a brilliant strategy.

And oh, how I also love church sales!! Tired volunteers with no attachment to the merchandise can mean some fabulous deals. :)

Gam Kau said...

It was meant to be - how could you resist? :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@FS--Ah, we are kindred spirits. Meredith once featured my blog when I was a newbie and I got zillions of readers--one day only, alas.
@GK--That's waht I always say, but my husband says that temptation is to be resisted--at least sometimes.