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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How Not to Buy: NOrdstrom and Sundance

I don't mean to project an image of a virtuous self here. Just like a lot of people, I shop too much, over-accumulate, etc etc. And--because the thrifts in my little town are good and cheap--I can REALLY over-accumulate: a sweater a week would add up to a mere $150 and put 52 items into my closet.

A few years ago, I realized that I found thrift stores de-stressing and that I found enough for my family and friends to make my time--sort of--worth it. So I decided to limit my shopping in "real stores." LAst year, I decided to up my shopping in "real stores" so I could get some simple basics at higher than my usual price point.

When you venture into the world of "real stores," you are subject to all sorts of temptations. Even though I don't have a Nordstrom charge, I was sent the Anniversary Catalog, with a note that I could shop early if I got the charge.

How to say NO to Nordstrom? Well, last year, I had a few things on my "list": Eileen Fisher tunic, Furla bag (one of these days), Zella leggings, JAG jeans. Last year, every one of the items was "sold out." Boohoo. I left them in my cart.

Lo and behold, several months later, every one of the items re-appeared and at an even lower price! By that time, I didn't really want the items anyway and decided to wait for 2014.

This year, my list is exactly the same. Some of the items are already sold out in my size. The Furla bag is even nicer than the one last year. But--ugh--I don't need anything right now.

I think I'll wait till 2015. By that time, some of my current wardrobe might be sufficiently worn out. I'm pretty sure the sale will always feature Eileen Fisher tunic, Furla bag, Zella leggings, and JAG jeans.

So I'm not saying NO to Nordstrom; I'm waiting.

What about Sundance? Why I get the catalog, I do not know. I have never bought anything from Sundance. Today, while I was cleaning out my "stuff I might be interested in" basket, I found a picture torn from the 2013 catalog.  "Lotus Petal Flats." Looked comfy. $168. UGH. Today--about a year later--I looked up the flats. They are still $168. They have some reviews about how UNcomfy they are. Desire dissipation: immediate.

Saying NO: it's just temporary.

Lotus Petal Flats

Lotus Petal Flats

An updated version of an age-old design worn in Chinese monasteries. Lotus petal flat shoes are simple, beautiful and supremely comfortable with softest suede that cradles with each step. Imported. Euro whole sizes 36 to 41. 36 (US 6.75), 37 (US 7.5), 38 (US 8.25), 39 (US 9), 40 (US 9.75), 41 (US 10.5).
Average Customer Rating:
3.429 out of 5 
 out of 
 (7 Reviews)
Open Ratings Snapshot
6 out of 7(86%)reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.
Product Details
Customer Reviews for Lotus Petal Flats
4 out of 5

Runs Large

November 6, 2013
Location: Northern California
This is an attractive shoe with very soft suede. However, my usual European size
was much too large so I ordered the next smaller size. It was also too large, so I
tried the next size down which was too small. In the end I kept a pair with the middle
size and will try adding inserts. What is needed is a half size, currently not available.
Review 2 for Lotus Petal Flats
4 out of 5

Very Zen

October 27, 2013
Location: Boston area
I do actually like these flats a lot. I was worried about sizing, given other reviews, but the flats fit my size 9 feet perfectly. I sometimes wonder if I should order up--not all 9s work for me, but 9.5 is always too big. These worked very well. At first I was taken aback by the absence of a heel, but in fact came to love walking around on perfectly flat soles--very zen. I love the soft lush suede; only drawback is that it seems to wear quickly, because shoes are so close to the ground with no heel. I got the cinnamon--it's lovely, exactly as pictured. Kind of wish I'd gotten teal, though, as it would go with more of what I usually wear. If they weren't so expensive I'd order a second pair.
Review 3 for Lotus Petal Flats
1 out of 5

Very disappointed

October 12, 2013
Location: Fort Worth, TX
They were not true to size very large, however; very narrow and No padding or arch support I returned them.
Review 4 for Lotus Petal Flats
3 out of 5

Lotus Petal Flats

October 10, 2013
Love these shoes. However, they run a full size too large. Buyer beware.
Review 5 for Lotus Petal Flats
3 out of 5

Too big...too flat

September 10, 2013
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I really wanted to like these shoes...they seem different than many flats and I was looking forward to suede for the fall. I ordered my usual size 9.5 (size 40) however they were too big and too flat. Sorry Sundance these won't work for me. I would recommend for others in the correct sizing.
Review 6 for Lotus Petal Flats
5 out of 5

very best purchase ever

September 10, 2013
Location: charlotte n c
An elegant and comfortable shoe. I feel like owning all 3 colors.
Review 7 for Lotus Petal Flats
4 out of 5

cute flats!

August 19, 2013
I ordered these in cinnamon in a 38, which is my usual size. They are very cute, seem comfy, but about one size too large. Sent them back for a 37. The cinnamon color is nice, but paler than the photo. When doing an exchange with Sundance, you have to pay return postage to use the smart label - lots of other catalogs do not charge for an exchange.


Anonymous said...

It really does help to wait, doesn't it? I use to receive the Sundance catalog and I loved looking at the luscious boots and sweaters, jewelry, etc..All my taste but not in my budget. I would put things in my shopping cart just for the exercise. ;)
I lust over several things during the Nordstrom sales but don't often buy. I'd love to wear lots of E Fisher too. I can usually find drapey simple things much cheaper someplace else. But, a lot of time once I put the items into my cart and sleep on it, the desire has subsided.

Sharon said...

Ha ha! My slightly wide feet are in pain just looking at those shoes. I have items in carts all over the internet and most likely won't buy any of it.

Shelley said...

I would love to be able to shop at Nordstroms without the additional duty and the international postage, if only because they carry petite clothing and size 5.5 shoes, but I live in the wrong place. I thought your statement about no longer wanting those items was quite telling. Wouldn't it have been sad to have paid full price for those things and then find that a year later you didn't want them any more?