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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Further Decluttering: The Dreaded Ebay and Bulky Items

I am continuing to make use of my dear daughter. She offered to sell some things on Ebay for me. I vowed many years ago that I would never have another yard sale or sell on Ebay. So far, I have kept my vows.

However, I do have some things cluttering up my space that I can't quite bring myself to get rid of. Put that in the past tense.

Thanks to Miss Em, I am now--or soon to be--the proud UN-OWNER of a pair of Filson garments (too big, too heavy for my guys) and some cowboy boots. And a giant puffy coat in an unfortunate shade of magenta. And a few other things.

Of course I made some rookie-mistakes. One, I priced too low, so had several items whoosh away on a too low BUY IT NOW. Second, not knowing how much shipping had gone up over the years, I offered FREE SHIPPING.

I consider my selling midway between making some money and getting ready to declutter for retirement. If I look at things that way, I have been successful.

Also the two Filson jackets and the big down coat took up a lot of space. Getting bulky items gone is a good thing.

P.S. We did not unload another space hog: a wedding dress (not mine! I got married in a green dress from a yard sale). More on the fate of that bulky item later.

We said bye-bye to this. The buyer got a good deal too.


Duchesse said...

What sells easily on eBay are desirable brands at fair or 'good deal' prices, as you just listed. eBay's big advantage is the exposure to so many eyeballs. Must feel great getting rid of bulky stuff no one used!

Anonymous said...

I've never sold on eBay - it seems like dealing with all the terms and shipping would be difficult, let alone the actual customers :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--So true. Now I'm looking for more to list before Miss Em returns to Serbia.
@exacting--Truly, it is a pain. But I have the stuff and my daughter needs the money. She doesn't mind doing it as much as I do.