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Friday, October 3, 2014

Tradesy, Ebay, Buffalo Exchange: Cash for Decluttering Report

So sad! Miss Em is back in Belgrade, for four months this time. While she was here, she spent a lot of time amassing items that were requested by friends. So much is unavailable there, or scarily expensive. Most US companies will not deliver to Serbia. Here's what she carried: a post-mastectomy bra and forms (unbelievable that these are not to be had there); melatonin, Opi nail polish, well, now I can't remember the other things. We live in such over-abundance.

I have lost my in-house beauty salon operator (thanks for the haircut) and--perhaps most needed--my personal declutter assistant.

Here are the final numbers for her 2 months back in the USA. She got to keep all the money (much-needed) and I got a little breathing space.

TRADESY: An astonishing $800!
Ebay: An astonishing $500plus, mostly for two Filson garments!
Buffalo Exchange: A pretty good $200.

Miss Em also picked up some cash by taking care of a kid for a weekend. She was able to spend the rest of her time planning for her return to Belgrade, getting her art website set up, and applying to a grad program.

If you want some glimpses of our trip to the Balkans, see her tumblr: she captured so much of what we did, especially some of the little moments that truly define a vacation.


The Frugal Shrink said...

WOW!!! So wonderful to get stuff out and to get some cash in return!! Also, your daughter is wonderfully talented with her art.

Shelley said...

Great job getting in the cash! BTW melatonin isn't approved for sale here in Britain...

Gam Kau said...

We all need Ms. Em in our lives! What a productive and organised young woman.

Atlantic said...

what have you found that sells well on Tradesy?

Frugal Scholar said...

@FS--Thanks--I will pass along the compliment.
@Shelley--HMMMMM. Wonder why. We only use it a few times a year when we change time zones. Seems pretty innocuous to me.
@GK--She is! And I wonder: where did she get those genes.
@Atlantic--Just wrote a new post on this. As I reccall, you get many astonishing high-end items in your area--you should do very, very well.