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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eileen Fisher Washable Crepe Pants only $40.60!!!

All the bloggers rave about these pants. I do too. They retail for over $150! But I am loath to spend so much on pants, even though they do provide a good cost per wear ratio.

As a frugal person, I check sites regularly--both new and used--scouting for sales. Since I only look at Eileen Fisher, it is not hugely time-consuming.

I just took my twice a year look at Neiman Marcus and there are the pants for $40.60!!! As I write, all sizes are available.

I actually called Nordstrom and had them price match. You can do that too.

This will be my third pair of these. My first was price matched two or three years ago and worn to death (they are still alive!). My second was from Tradesy and so--slightly used to begin with.

Free shipping and returns at both sites.


Jane said...

I snagged a pair as well. I needed a new pair of black pants. Thank you for the heads up!

une femme said...

Great find!!

splash0306 said...

Thank you. Just bought a pair. Yippee !

Unknown said...

They're at the higher sale price again ($58) but sizes have been re-stocked, for anyone still interested.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Unknown--Many thanks. Just reposted.