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Monday, March 20, 2017

What is my Gift?

Thinking about retirement. The thing about frugal people. We don't fear retirement (TOOOOO MUCH) because if the stock market tanks, we can always be MORE frugal. Though, of course, we'd rather be less frugal. That's why I've been frugal all these years.

Reading/Literature: LOVE
Teaching literature: LIKE, sometimes a lot
Doing Academic things: not so much anymore

The only one I can't do in retirement is #2. And no, running book discussions at the library is NOT the same and, in fact, I don't like doing that.

One of my favorite things to teach is Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. One of my favorite lines in the play is this one:

What is yours to bestow is not yours to reserve.

Viola, disguised as Cesario, is urging Olivia to reciprocate Duke Orsino's love. The larger point is a Biblical one (from the Parable of the Talents): what is yours to give is not yours NOT to give.

You need to use your gifts.

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Margie from Toronto said...

I have a friend who is a teacher and she had noted the same things just before her retirement. She loved the kids and the teaching, especially literature - but - she'd had it with the politics and the ever changing set of rules and regs.

She has eased out of full-time work by supply teaching 50 days a year and now she gets to do what she really loves. Not sure if something like that is possible at your level of the academic world but have you thought about tutoring at the advanced level? Or is there an organization that lobbies on behalf of education where your skills may be desperately needed? Perhaps your professional union/organization may be able to set you in the right direction?

I know you must have done some academic publishing over the years but have you ever wanted to write - either fiction or non-fiction? I know you have travelled a bit - what about some writing about that - or a blog just related to travel - where you've been - where you'd like to go - writings about things at different locals that would be of special interest to those of a scholarly or literary bent - such as libraries, bookstores, museums dedicated to writers - conventions, book fairs or literally gatherings that might be of interest. I know I'd love to plan trips around these sorts of events. Jut some things to consider.