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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Frugal Weekend in My Little Town

While I yearn for the museums and music of big cities, I have to admit that there is lots of free and accessible entertainment in my little town.

So Friday night, we went to the Concert at the Landing, a monthly event from March to November. Listening to the band, usually jazz, against the backdrop of the Bogue Falaya River. Beautiful for all the senses.

Then, Sunday night, the monthly Third Sunday Concert at the Episcopal Church. Tonight we heard a comic opera by PDQ Bach. These concerts are followed by a reception, with wine, cheese, fruit, and little sandwiches.

Both events are totally free, supported by grants from arts organizations. Both are within walking distance of my house, so getting there is green...and a pleasure.

I grew up in gruesome suburbia. Surely, there must have been many cultural opportunities, free for the asking. But I never really knew about any, and even if I did, they were probably far away, as almost everything is in suburbia.

I am lucky that there are so many civic-minded people here, who put these programs together and write the grants.

Mr. FS and I spend time now and again, trying to figure out where we will live when we stop teaching. Right now, we are trying to make the most of what we have here.

Next time, I'll take some pictures so you can see how beautiful it is here.

Dear Readers: do you take advantage of events in your town? Do share.


Chance said...

Burlington, VT is so rich in culture, events, stuff to do, for such a small town. Especially in the summer, there are hundreds of things to do, many free and then, there is the vast outdoors to play in as well. Do I take advantage of them -- no, we are often "too busy" throwing our life energy at work and not at pleasure. Thanks for the reminder to carve out more time for pleasure, life is just too short not to sample all there is on the palette.

Chance said...

PS. I can't find your email...I would be grateful if you could post or send me that potato soup recipe...zalafa at

materfamilias said...

I think we often disregard what's in our back yard. My husband and I split our lives between a tiny island, population 350, in the harbour of a small town/city (80,000) and a much larger city (Vancouver, BC). While we love the city's amenities -- art galleries, museums, many choices of films, concerts, etc., -- our being here is often as the expense of missing some wonderful cultural happenings back on the island -- house concerts can't be beat for intimacy and lately our little pubs been hosting Maritime-style kitcen parties. Across our harbour, in Small City, there's a "Fringe Festival" that brings repertory films to town every few weeks, and some of my island friends travel to town every Saturday morning to watch New York operas broadcast live at the cinema. There are several art galleries, including the one at the university. I love the vibrancy and anonymity of the city, but I also love the intimacy of community that brings culture to life in smaller places.

Duchesse said...

Would love to see photos! And if you feel like sharing the list of places you're considering, that would be fun! I live in a city of 4+ There is some natural beauty and loads of culture; I enjoy every day.

Duchesse said...

Oh, that was 4+ million!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Chance--My dream is to live in a neat college town. But Burlington is so cold!

@Mater--Ooh! I wish I lived in Vancouver! Hmmmm. these replies are bringing out my jealousy. BAD!!!

@Duchesse--Oh no! I'd love to live in Toronto. See above.