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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shopping with Miss Em and Great Shoes (Sanitas) at the Buffalo Exchange

Everyone should have a teenage daughter. I never go shopping without mine at hand. Only a teenage daughter has the mix of scorn, honesty, and love requisite for a good shopping companion. Also, since her money is my money and my money is her money, there is none of the encouragement to overspend that often characterizes "friends."

Miss Em only comes home once a month, so we usually shop then. It does seem that she gets too much, but she is in the acquisitive age, and I always said I would save on her clothing when she was little (and didn't really care) so she could have what she wanted when she did care. That would be now.

So yesterday, we went to Ross and TJ Maxx and Target. She got what she "needed"-a new bathing suit and Converse sneakers. Then she helped me pick out some flattering sunglasses. I discovered that there are tote bags aplenty and that leather bags are incredibly heavy. A good lesson.

Today, on to New Orleans. She is going to stay over and see two friends. We went to Whole Foods and bought some picnic items and ate by the Mississippi. Then we went to Buffalo Exchange for our second trip. We got almost $80.00! (That's cash too--more in credit). We also walked around funky and chic Magazine Street and explored various boutiques.

Buffalo Exchange HOT TIP. The New Orleans store has loads of new Sanita clogs (Funny, are you there?), shoes by Think! (Deja, are you there?), Mephistos (the pair I tried on was uncomfortable), and others. These were from "a store in Oregon," whose patrons have no idea where all the neat shoes went. Prices ranged from $20.00 to $38.00.

If you have a Buffalo Exchange near you, I would suggest calling and seeing if they have any of the cache of new shoes.

Miss Em wouldn't let me use any of the credit for shoes, so we took the cash and left. We stopped at a famous Italian bakery called Angelo Brocato's for a cannoli and then dropped Miss Em off.

Results: Buffalo took about half the stuff we brought it. Blissful decluttering. The woman behind me with the Orla Kiely tote (wish she'd exchange that and solve my tote bag problem) only got $20.00. So all is democratic at Buffalo.

We ate some pate with bread by the river and luscious cannoli at the bakery.

A beautiful day.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Ooh, I want a cannoli from Brocatos, and a some charred broiled oysters from Dragos, and a crawfish boil from Whiteys, and some cheese fries from Fat Harrys, and a snowball from that stand in Gentilly down the road (and across the neutral ground) from Brother Martin, and...

No wonder I got up to 230 pounds when I lived down there.

Sounds like ya'll had a great day!

Frugal Scholar said...

Hmmmm...never went to Fat Harry's. Will check that out. We have some relatives coming for Jazz Fest and I think they'll be blown away by the food. We'll be thinking of you . . .

Chance said...

I just went to check and see if we have a Buffalo Exchange in Vermont or Mass. Alas, no Exchange around here. I was inspired by their story of how they opened the store in 1974, and now are a gazillion dollar used clothes empire. Pretty cool. I too would weigh 300 pounds if I lived in New Orleans - sounds like food paradise.

Duchesse said...

Orla Kiely bags come up on eBay sometimes too. Can't wait till I have daughters-in-law to go shopping with. So much fun because to shop for cute clothes for a young woman, like a strapless sundress or tiny skirt!

Ahhh, cannoli! I adore.

Mary said...

What a great day! No teenage daughter here. My son was never much fun to shop with!!

Funny about Money said...

No kidding! You found Sanitas at Buffalo Exchange? That's amazing. is it possible for Mephistos to be uncomfortable? Could they have been counterfeit?

Absolutely will check it out. They won't take my stuff, though: too old, too unstylish, too threadbare.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Chance--It's not the kind of business one would think of as mushrooming like that...amazing.

@Duchesse--the OK bags I've seen on ebay cost almost as much as new ones. Will keep checking.

@Mary--You could find a friend's daughter for shopping companionship and advice. My daughter would do it for a pastry.

@Funny--They may only have made it to the New Orleans store. If I'd known your size, I would have bought you a pair! The Mephistos were only $22! But they weren't tremendously comfy--they were definitely real.