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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts for Me

Now that I have come out with the confession that I am frugal by chance, I can divulge my true desire for Mother's Day. NOTHING that takes up physical space. No, I don't want jewelry. I love wearing some pieces that belonged to my Grandmother Emma (1901-1983)and Great-Aunt Fritzi (1895-1967), now gone for many years (and tears come to my eyes as I think of them, even now). But if I didn't want an engagement ring (see yesterday's post; now that I think of it, I never was engaged), I certainly don't want anything now.

Oh, but what about all those "days of pampering" at the spa that are recommended in all media? Ugh. Sounds gruesome. Years ago, one of my colleagues opted for very early retirement. He got a certification in massage therapy. As part of his training, he had to offered a bunch of pro bono massages, which he made available to friends and colleagues. Mr. FS took advantage, but, as for me, ugh encore.

It's not just Mother's Day. I don't really like presents in general. OK, I lied. I've received two good presents. One was an envelope with cash in it and the phone number of a nice salon: "For your haircut" said the note. I started to cry. I was so happy! I had been putting off a haircut and my family chipped in for this.

Another was a bottle of perfume that my children bought for me at my favorite liquidation store. It was a bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Sicily. I had bought Miss Em a bottle of Marc Jacobs Blush and had sniffed the Sicily and said that I might buy some for myself later. Because this was liquidation from a verrrryyyy famous cosmetics emporium, it was only $15.00! Since I am frugal by chance, I don't like others to spend a lot of money, even if it is for me.

Now Miss Em gives me haircuts and I still have half a bottle of the perfume.

I hope my children wish me a Happy Mother's Day and IF THEY WANT they can bring me a cup of coffee. Now that I think of it, neither will be home on Sunday. I'll take a rain check on the coffee.

The best gift is what the recipient really wants, isn't it? I love when people bring me coffee (very strong, preferably Louisiana chicory coffee, milk, no sugar).

Am I the only one in the world who doesn't like gifts?


SLF said...

Haha. Mama, I love this post. I often have so much trouble explaining to people about our family's indifference towards gifts. Usually I just shrug and say "we're weird." I will definitely bring you some coffee (in the microwave for 28 seconds right?) and as a bonus I'll even cook! WOW WHAT A GREAT SON I AM!

While we're at it...don't forget Papa's birthday TOMORROW.

--Frugal Son

Frugal Scholar said...

Thanks, Dear Son. I look forward to the coffee AND the meal.

Duchesse said...

Some people like receiving gifts and some don't, and each family has 'gifting norms'.

I enjoy giving gifts, the art is described on my blog under the "There Will be Gifts" label.

People who don't like giving are unsure how to do it, have had bad experiences, or view it as an obligation. A few, and I certainly don't intend this as a statement about your family (but it is true of a person in mine), are mean and cheap.

I like gifts best when they are not tied to a legislated occasion like Christmas or Valentine's. DH once hid a diamond band inside an oyster for our anniversary, and that was a delight.

Funny about Money said...

See, the problem is...I already have all the material junk I want. If I need (or want) something, I buy it.

What I'd like most is time: my son's greatest gift to me is spending time with me.