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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starving Student: More Food for Thought

Yesterday, my blogpal Duchesse urged me to send Frugal Son some money so he can enjoy a good meal in Paris. In fact, Frugal Son has plenty of money in his account, not to mention the fact that he has a credit card, which is linked to our credit card.

I emailed him the restaurant suggestions--for which, many thanks. Here is his response. The gist is that he wants to wait till he has some compadres with whom to enjoy a restaurant meal.

I already sort of responded to Duchesse but I’ll go into greater detail here (just got approached by one of those women who asks “do you speak English” and then shows you a card with something asking for money). First off, the fact that R. Mouffetard has cheap, student eateries is not a bad thing since, at the moment, I am a poor college student. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier snippet of an email, eating alone is not even a quarter as enjoyable as eating with a friend. As she once mentioned, eating out is not just to gain nourishment in the corporeal sense, it is also a time to relax and enjoy the company of others. Seeing as how I have no one to share a meal with, it would much less enjoyable and I’d be surrounded by all the other people with their friends so I’d be constantly reminded that I’m alone. Hopefully once I have friends I will be able to return to Paris and enjoy a more expensive meal in a restaurant but until then, it’s bread and cheese for me.

He has 5 months more in France.

And thanks to Duchesse for the restaurant suggestions. I have a feeling we'll be eating in some en famille on our next family trip.


Duchesse said...

I have many more suggestions, e-mail me if you want them. Of course it's more fun with friends. And my 22 yr old son has treated himself to solo meals in Paris; you can still enjoy a meal alone and Paris is quite amenable to the solo diner. Yes, I figured Son had access to funds... my whole family is kind of united, saying, "When in Paris, eat." My sons are bilingual; I can get along, and French is DHs mother tongue.

Son, hope you're enjoying every minute!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I will take you up on that next time we go. We have been spending the past few summers visiting aging parents. We've been toying with the idea of going to France in January--before Frugal Son returns Jan 12.