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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Wedding Gift from My Grandmother

When we visit my mother in Stockbridge, we do all the cooking. Because she hates to cook. And we like to cook. It is not a great place to cook, because the house is a smallish cottage with a tiny awkward kitchen that is difficult to work in.

For the past few years, I noticed--in a not-quite-paying-attention way--two nice pots: a Dutch oven and a 2 quart saucepan. These are Le Creuset style, but made in Belgium. I assumed my mother had bought them somewhere (she loves to shop, though she hates to cook), because I couldn't remember them from the days of my grandparents or my great aunt, who, with her husband, was the original owner of the house.

This year, I asked my mother why she had such nice pots. She said, "They were to be a wedding present to you from your grandmother. But you weren't married."


Anyway, my beloved grandmother Emmi died in 1983; I got married in 1988.

Thanks, Grandma, for the wonderful gift. I have written before about how I really don't like getting gifts. These pots are an exception.

P.S. My mother said I could take them home next time we visit.


Duchesse said...

Wonder what took your mother so long to notify you of the gift, but then, family life can be complicated (at least in mine). Those are worth taking though- hope you're driving.

Suzy said...

wow! I started quilting a while back and my mom told me I could take the Little Dutch Girl blocks and fabric scraps that her grandmother I was named after had started before she died. I never thought much about them before but I asked her how she ended up with them since that entire family is pretty greedy and she wasn't top of the ladder. She said she 'didn't know' then it dawned on me - she was the one preggers at the time and was supposed to make them into a baby quilt for me! Heck I'm suppoed to make my own baby quilt which probably won't happen since the fabric is so old. 42 years later...well I was 40 when she gave the bag to me..

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I think she just forgot about it. The pots were probably purchased in the 70s. Although my family life is plenty complicated, I think this one is just forgetfulness.

@Suzy--You are so lucky to have these. I have lots of old quilts and treasure them.