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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What to Do: Unsatisfactory Upholstery Job

Some help needed Readers. As you may recall, I paid a woman my mother knows for advice on fabric and paint color. I could not be happier with her work. Then I needed to get the sewing done.

I got a recommendation from a neighbor. Careful me: I had some chairs done first. Good job. The second phase involved 5 pillows and ottoman reupholstery, in a stripe.

The stripes on the ottoman are rather askew. A far cry from my previous slipcover, which was beautifully done--also in a stripe--by a friend.

I already paid and all. I was in the midst of dying my hair (huge money saver for the frugal) when she arrived. So I didn't really look over the work, because I was afraid I'd get hair dye on the fabric.

So, Readers. Do I call her and state my dissatisfaction? If so, what should I say? What should I expect?

Or should I let it go? I don't see that it would be possible to fix the work, but, then, I'm not a sewer.

Advice appreciated. As well as a script, if you think I should call.


Duchesse said...

Oh dear, dear Frugal. First, I would fix the ottoman as it will bother you eternally.

But first; Ask someone who knows nothing about the incident to look at the ottoman and see if they notice the stripes run off parallel.

What to say:
- Thanks for completing the job on time. The pillows look great. However, when I had a moment to really look at the ottoman, I see the stripes veer to the left (or whatever they do)
- I'd like to meet with you to discuss what we could do

You might have to
- buy more fabric (if possible) or
- buy new, different fabric.
If it is a small area you can find upholstery remnants.

The problem might be the ottoman's shape. If not a true square or rectangle, practically impossible to cover with stripes! If that is so, an experienced upholsterer could have advised when you presented the fabric.

Paying full amount (vs a deposit) before job is delivered gives you a lot less leverage, but hope this person wants repeat business and recommendations, so cares about your satisfaction.

I'd request a big break on the redo, if not 100%!

FB @ said...

It will definitely bother you later if it bothers you now.

I agree 100% with Duchesse's comment, so I won't repeat it.

Funny about Money said...

Since the previous craftsperson managed to get the stripes right, the problem is likely not the ottoman's shape.

I'd ask her to re-do it, using Duchesse's excellent script.

She may have been running low on fabric and not had enough left to match the pattern. In any event, you'll almost certainly need to buy some more fabric.

EEE said...

These situations are always so sticky! I understand why you'd feel a little guilty asking for a re-do--I get sick to my stomach even telling a waitress she got my order wrong!

You paid for the job to be done right, though, so I'd follow Duchesse's excellent advice.

Frugal Scholar said...

@To all--Thanks for the advice. I am going to sit on it for a while. I am so bad at confrontation. i get flustered--as in my oral surgeon episode.