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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Lots Alert: Thai Coconut Curry Broth

I used to be a super-grocery shopper, checking out the loss leaders and stocking up when appropriate. I still do that, sort of. I realized, though, that probably 80% of my grocery savings can be attributed to my beloved Big Lots, which opened in my town a few years ago.

Big Lots is in the frugal shoppers paradise: a small strip mall about a mile from my home. There we have Rouses, a local grocery chain, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. There are other shops, not worth mentioning. Across the parking lot is Goodwill.

So even though I still check the circulars, I mostly buy the good deals at Rouses. (Forgot to mention that Rouses also has a small post office inside!). Most of my stocking up is at Big Lots.

Last week, they had a zillion cartons of College Inn Culinary Broth--this time Thai coconut curry flavor. 50 cents for a 32 ounce carton. I bought a bunch, regretting a bit that I had gotten so many of the plain chicken stock a while ago. Let me tell you, this flavor is good.

I made the soup on the back of the carton: sauteed onion, broccoli, carrots cooked in the broth with some vermicelli and some coconut milk. Excellent! Miss Em/Lucy Marmalade came home that evening to the bowl we had saved for her and was quite crabby that we hadn't saved more. So I made it again.

In the interest of research, I nipped into Big Lots today. There's a lot left. If you have this trove of bargains in your locale, see if your store got some.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I may have to run by the Big Lots tomorrow. I love Thai dishes.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Cubicle--Lt me know if they have it. if so, I will post the treasures I find more regularly.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Sounds yummy...I love the taste of Thai I find with just the two of us I need to be very careful not to buy too much.

Duchesse said...

Sounds fantastic! I use coconut cream as a 'secret weapon' in curries, and would enjoy having a good premixed Thai broth on hand.

Lucy Marmalade said...

If I was crabby, it was only a testament to your wonderful cooking! That broth really is an incredible deal, though.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Hostess--My problem too. My freezer is stuffed. When my kids come home, I tell them what they have to eat.

@Duchesse--Broth plus a few TBS of Thai curry paste plus a few TBS of cocnut milk would equal what I got.

@Lucy--Always love to cook for you.

Funny about Money said...

oooooo! I like those College Inn broths. Definitely will check that out.

We used their white wine & chicken broth in last Christmas's feast. Very good results!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your tip, I snagged several cartons in the Kansas City area. And, yes, do post your BigLot tips!