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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cleaning Your Closet: Mommystyle

Lucy Marmalade (formerly known as Miss Em) arrived home on Thursday night for spring break. Mr. FS and I went to work as usual on Friday. When we got home, who should greet us with a great big smile but Lucy?

She looked nice: black knit top, belt, floral skirt. Then I noticed: MY black top, MY belt.

There are two kinds of mommies: the go ahead you can have it mommy and the it's mine mommy. My own mommy was of the former kind. Hence I feel it is my obligation to give it forward through the generations.

Lucy said, "I noticed a new green shirt on your bed (from Penney's--marked down to $2.00!), so I decided to see what else was in your closet." Okay. I used to do the same with my stylish and generous mommy.

Last time Lucy was home, I was reading in the living room. I could see Lucy going back and forth between my bedroom and her own. First trip: my new velvet hangers (Can I have these? Yes). Second trip: my green sweater. And so on.

It's a great way to declutter.

Do you have any similar family traditions?


FB @ said...

My mom is exactly the same. I am the same with her too

Anything she wants, I give her.

She tells me: take it, take anything!

She has really funky, artistic taste, so I've picked up something similar in my style of accessories and clothing.

I think I'll definitely pass that on to my future kids :) Unless it's something I really use all the time like my brown boots...

Velma Vex said...

I had an "it's mine" mommy. She gave me some beautiful vintage items, but limited to things that no longer fit her! I don't know that I think she was wrong . . .

Duchesse said...

With only sons, have not had the issue :) but I'd be the "it's mine till I am done with it", which could be handled by a small off-limits section, and the rest "help yourself".

Our sons ask first before borrowing Le Duc's clothes but he is chuffed to see them dressing in something decent.

That Lucy M. is a beauty, too- must be fun to see her in your things.

Frugal Scholar said...

@fb--My shoes are safe b/c i wear a 7 and my daughter wears a 10.

@Velma--Every family has its own traditions...

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Just had to look up 'chuffed"--great word. Miss Em looks a lot better than I do in my clothes--it's kind of depressing.

Shelley said...

My mom let me borrow, but she didn't have the money to replace everything, so I did need to return it.

Funny how kids think everything their parents own belongs to them as well, but not necessarily vice versa.