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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help Me With My Title: College Cooking

I am having so much fun testing recipes for my mini-cookbook. It turns out that it's very easy to create an ebook to sell on Amazon. Not easy for me. But Mr. FS, who also typed my entire dissertation into the computer as a SURPRISE many years ago, thinks that he's figuring it out.

I am a decent writer; titles, however, have always been a weak spot. I can think of only three good titles I came up with--that's over almost 40 years.

My readers ("fit audience . . . though few"*) are excellent writers. Perhaps someone can help me.

My concept is: College Cooking for Dorm Dwellers (and Others?)
No stove
(Almost) no time
(Almost) no shopping
(Almost) no prep
(Almost) no cleanup

No ramen
No Kraft Mac and Cheese

Any titlists out there? Any suggestions appreciated.

*Paradise Lost (Book 7)


Chance said...

I am totally late to the party! I'm totally stoked that you are doing the dorm cookbook, with the critical concept of the pantry included. I'm no good at titles sorry, but don't make it sound like just a rice cooker book -- something about eating well in a dorm room: systems and process for gastronomic delights.

If you only do it on Kindle I will stomp my foot. Look into print-on-demand (amazon) or even a zine format (you can do zines as print-on-demand also). Get the lovely Lucy M. to demonstrate a recipe on YouTube. Go viral.

Include one silly or provocative recipe (how to cook a pigeon or some such). And since you are doing the low-rent publishing thing, with only time upfront, not money, if it doesn't fly, c'est la guerre and you'll have fun. anyway.

Funny about Money said...

I've never been much good with titles, either. Hmmm.... Dorm Dining? Eat Ramen-free in the Dorm?

Why not College Cooking?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Chance--You shut down your blog! Thanks for the tips--I will try to get my kids to do Youtube or something. The reason I'm going to start with an ebook is that the entire tome will only be around 15 pages long. You are so inspiring.

@Funny--If you and Chance--two great writers--have trouble with titles, I should stop beating up on myself.

Duchesse said...

Cooking at College: 58 Great Recipes to Make in Your Eoom

College Cuisine 101: How to Cook Delicious Dinners in Your Dorm

B/c I think there is a broader audience, also suggest

One Cooker, 80 Dinners: Rice Cooker Recipes for Easy, Delicious Meals

Rice Cooker Chef:
80 Delicious One-Dish Dinners

If I win I want an autographed copy.

PS There must be good things to do with noodles, not ramen, like a stroganoff?

Duchesse said...

DIY Dorm Dinners: 80 Awesome Meals in Your Rice Cooker

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff said...

I liked College Cooking for Dorm Dwellers!

I only came up with:

Rice-Cooker Recipes: Easy Prep and Tasty to Boot

Stoveless Concoctions

College Cooking Concoctions

Rice-Cooker to the Rescue!

Tasty Recipes for the Dorm Dwellers

Hassle-Free Dining

Short-on-Space Cookbook

Rice-Cooker College Cookbook

Yeah...I'm empty. :-(

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse and BFS--Wow! Great suggestions. (It's not all rice cooker, btw.)

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff said...

Oh...not all rice-cooker...ummm:

Simple Yet Satisfying

Stoveless, Simple, and Oh-So-Good

Stoveless and Scrumptious

Too Easy to Pass Up

Dorm Dwellers Never Had it This Good

Stoves No More

Stoveless Semesters

Stoveless Summers and Semesters (I hate using the oven and stove when it's hot outside)

A subheader under almost any of these could be: Simple Recipes for the Stoveless Among Us I'm empty again...