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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy, Quick, and Even Frugal Cooking

A few days ago, Deja Pseu. chic blogger, said in passing that she was in a bit of a cooking rut. While I can't help her with the style rut that was the main subject of her post, I am a cookbook reader and lazy cook. Those qualify me as an expert.

I wrote about Marian Burros a while back, but I probably had no readers then, so I will repeat myself. Burros, who was also New York Times restaurant critic for a bit, wrote about food politics, health, and cooking. Her recipes are easy, health-conscious, and quick. She has an excellent palate and everything comes out, which is not always the case with cookbooks, especially those by celebrity chefs.

Deja Pseu said her husband was a picky eater, I think. Marian's recipes are a bit foodie, but nothing is outlandish. She also presents her recipes in menu format, so you really don't need to think.

Would le Monsieur like this? Chicken oreganato, brussels sprouts with tomato sauce, Greek salad? Probably he would wince at the sprouts, but you could do another veggie.

Or how about this? Scallops with garlic and parsley, Sherley's tomatoes, curried rice.

These are 30 minute meals, by the way, and Marian provides a 'game plan" telling you the order in which to prepare things.

Marian's books were big sellers back in the day. You can pick up one for pennies on Amazon. No doubt you can get some at your library. If you happen to have a credit at, my fave books are available!


SewingLibrarian said...

I will have to check her books out. I use a lot of recipes from Real Simple magazine. They have five recipes a month that are 30 minutes or fewer - most of them are good.
OT, I had a long response written in my head to your post about college costs, but we were on vacation, and it was too much work to type it all on my phone. Suffice it to say that having worked for private and public universities and having attended both, I vote for the cheapest option.

une femme said...

Oh thank you!! Some definite possibilities here.

Marcela said...

I love cookbooks, these are great recommendations, thank you!