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Friday, October 21, 2011

Advice and Opinions Wanted: from Francophiles and Others

Soooo, we asked Frugal Son to keep a look-out for rentals in France, since our freebie of last year was probably a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. Lo and behold: another Assistant would like to sublet her apartment in the old part of Le Mans for 500 euros a month.

Le Mans does not seem as chock full of stuff to do as Nantes, which was our nearest city last summer. Still, Le Mans is closer to Paris and the price seems quite good to us.

What do you think, dear Readers? Should we make arrangements or keep on looking?


Marcela said...

Check if she can legally sublet because rental laws are quite strict in France. Would you be interested in having Le Mans as a base?

Shelley said...

I just did a very quickie search on train fares between LeMans and Paris. Looks as though a return ticket (next Saturday) is about £35 and about an hour's journey each way. For £27 it takes more like 4 hours... If you really want to spend time in Paris - more than say a a couple of day trips, you would likely be happier to find somewhere closer. On the other hand, you could take the reasonable flat and 'bloom where you're planted.'

Duchesse said...

Agree depends on what kind of experience you want. Paris will likely be very hot/sticky, so just getting around can be draining. (Metro has no a/c nor do most restaurants.) After beating around Paris will you enjoy a commute home?

You are also farther from the seacoast in Le Mans.

Would not be so concerned about legality of subletting, as this sounds more like a personal arrangement, and Son's colleague would vouch for renter's honesty (and I hope, condition of flat.) Would want to know the floor apt is on, and whether there is a/c or fans. But you are from LA so maybe more tolerant of heat and humidity than we are?

Also, does rent cover electric/gas?

mhollier said...

Have you considered house sitting? There are many reputable companies online that you can sign up with and be connected with someone who needs a person (or persons in your case) to stay in their home for a few months. This usually includes watering plants or taking care of pets. It's free! I am currently living in the Languedoc region. I would be happy to help you with this region if you are interested.

mhollier said...

Wow! Just noticed that you are from Louisiana. So am I. Anyway, I am in Langedoc if I can help in any way.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Marcela--This would be an informal arrangement--we could be friends of the family.

@Shelley--We would only do a few trips to PAris--mostly hang out in our town.

@Duchesse--As I mentioned to Shelly, we would only go to Paris for a few nights. And we would probably stay over. The flat would be a home base.

@Mhollier--That sounds thrilling! Please: more info.

mhollier said...

I am living in the Cevennes area of the Gard department. There are lots of outdoor activities here around the beautiful Gardon river. Anduze is a very picturesque town close to me. You should be able to find a rental home through their department of tourism website. You would need a car if you want to stay in this area unless you would carefully plan your outings to Montpellier, NImes, and Ales around the not-so-frequent bus schedule. These are the nearest major cities. I like to think of this area as having all of the wonderful things that you hear of in Provence (food, wine, relaxed way of life) without the hoards of tourists, making it an affordable option.
House sitting websites:
Good Luck and let me know if you need further info.