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Friday, October 7, 2011

Retirement and Riches!

I've been slogging through almost 200 pieces of student work over the last few days. Hence this post is part of my PROCRASTINATION PROJECT. This is a project that I don't need to explain: we all have expertise in this area, except for a few very focused souls.

Anyway, reading the prose of more than 90 students is not conducive to writing. So I will instead send you over to Duchesse of PassagedesPerles, who used to write about jewelry and style (still does), but also meditates on retirement. She outlines some creative responses to this dilemma: how can I travel?

Next, let's check out Funny About Money. Like many of us, she is often in a panic about money. Well, today, she posted quite a cheery piece about her new sources of income and the snazzy St John suit, rich lady attire par excellence, she snagged at a consignment shop.

Somewhere in the depths of history, I wrote about getting a St John jacket (still unworn by me) at a thrift store. I was inspired by this WSJ article. In a comment to Funny, I mentioned that Nancy Pelosi and other Washington bigwigs wear St John. According to the article, wearing St John garners you R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Back to grading. My outfit: a pair of Eileen Fisher pants that are too big but very comfy, topped by a Hanna Andersson pajama top. Both from thrift stores!

When I'm done grading (I have a few more days), I will resume commenting on my comments. Thanks, Readers!


Sandra Lanning said...

Okay, is it sad that I don't even know the St. John brand. Going on ebay now to look around just for fun.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Sandra--These are "dowdy-chic" clothes. When you put on a jacket, you stand up straight!

Duchesse said...

Thanks for the link!

Amused that you never wore the St John, as guessed you wouldn't... you are a hipper Scholar. The overall look is a Nancy Regan effect, even when they used Angelina Jolie as the spokesmodel.