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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intentional Spending

How I love seeing examples of this. Two very different instances from the blogworld. The first, from a blog I'd never read till I followed a link on Une Femme details the purchase of a pair of longed-for Hermes boots: yes, here we have a blogger who is twins with Carla Bruni.

Then from a blogger I've been reading for a while: iamtheworkingpoor. She has had many challenges this year, but managed to pay off her debt, help out her family, and find--when she wasn't exactly looking, the RV of her dreams.

I am, at the moment, trying to decide on my next savings goal. Mr FS got himself a new laptop (a Mac!); I am still searching for the object of my desire.

What are you saving up for?


Anonymous said...

My goal is a bit more modest than those beautiful boots. I read working poor's post and was very happy for her. I suspect my retirement is imminent and thus, I'm not dreaming of much more than the Hermes scarf.

Marcela said...

Saving for more travel? Or that's a separate budget?

I am now saving for a new may take a while but I'll get there :)

Jane W. said...

Thanks for turning us readers on to i am the working poor. I only wish that she had more time/resources to share her experiences more often.

I'm saving up for an anniversary trip in the Fall, and for braces for my daughter.

Duchesse said...

I don't think an object of desire is so much a *search*, it's more like an idea that comes in its own time.

Having divested well over half of all we owned, I'm careful about getting stuff, even great stuff.

There are objects that I longed for at various times in my life and now, wouldn't want. And for all the people you mention, three cheers- finally getting the thing you long for, have saved and waited for, is very satisfying!

Patience_Crabstick said...

We want to take a major vacation with all four of our kids next year, immediately after Christmas. We're still bouncing around ideas about where in the world we should go: somewhere in South America, or Quebec City, or Santa Fe are the top contenders right now.

Funny about Money said...

Not enough income to save for anything these days. Adjunct pay isn't enough to pay all the bills. To the extent I save, it's self-escrowing to pay annual tax and insurance bills, plus a couple hundred a month to cover extraordinary and surprise expenses. That latter paid for assassinating the infamous devil-pod tree.

Interesting blog from workingpoor. Hm. They use one of those extortionate credit-card "checks" to buy a big-ticket item...eek! Even though she estimates they can pay it off in 11 months (the interest kicks in after a year), unless they have the money in savings and use the one-year interest-free loan as a free ride, it's a big risk. In 11 months, anything could happen.

I''m with Duchesse: more interested in divesting than acquiring new stuff to have to take care of.

Northmoon said...

I want to buy a home or a piece of property in the country in the next couple of years with the goal of retiring there. Not unobtainable if I put my mind to it and stop frittering away money on other 'wants' like clothes and shoes.