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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Next Nosy Question: What Clothing Do You Buy at Retail?

As I mention in some recent responses to comments, the time for my ultra-frugality may be coming to an end. I do need to loosen up a bit. Miss Em will be out of college next year, so I can relax a bit.

While pondering my perhaps too-frugal ways, I realized that I cannot recall the last time I bought an item of clothing at "retail." Oh, a pair of jeans for Frugal Son, a few years ago, and even they were paid for by Grandma.

In part, this is because I have a pretty good understanding of how sales cycles work. There is very little that is not on sale at one time or another. the twice a year sales of my girlhood have been replaced by a near-constant cycle of sales. Also, I like going to thrift stores, so I seldom need anything on short notice.

So dear readers, I thank you for providing me (and the universe!) with a list of well-priced basics. Now, a more nosy question, what do you think is "worth" (however you want to define that) buying at retail?

By which I mean clothing and accessories and shoes.

Thanks for helping me!


Marcela said...

By retail do you mean full price?
I rarely pay full price for anything because, as you said, there are permanent sales, but if I were to "invest"it would be in something I probably wouldn't be able to get at the sales. I'm rather small, so often my sizes (especially in shoes) are gone by the time sales start. I have a clear picture of what will need to be replaced by the following season so I make my decisions factoring those two issues (will I need it? is it probable that the item will be still available at the sales?).

Diane said...

Tights, wool socks (SmartWool, worth it even at full price) and underwear only. And the occasional cotton tee. If by "retail" you mean "new." Love the comments on your previous post.

Anonymous said...

I think I am as dedicated a thrifter as you are. I buy my undies retail and often shoes. I've found plenty of shoes in the thrifts, but the ones I'll keep do come from a retailer.

Coree said...

I rarely pay full price. I bought a skirt a few months ago because I loved it and was a bit horrified when it went on sale a few months later.

Duchesse said...

Have bought almost everything but undies (on sale and stockpiled) at full price at one time or another. B/c am a large size (14-16, size 10 shoe) there's not that much stock in my size and the good stuff gets snapped up. So I can't count on sales but if find one *that has things I can use*, it's great. (Bought replacement cashmere on sale this month, for example, but several things I wanted were s/o.)

Love secondhand, but again, they have mostly small sizes. How is it that size 4 women turn their wardrobes more often?

the Frugal Ecologist said...

I buy almost everything on sale. I did recently buy a pair of boots for the field at retail - but I comparison shopped and got them for about 20% less than other places were asking. My husband buys almost everything at retail and it drives me nuts. He is an odd size so thrifting is generally out for him, but what drives me crazy is that he doesn't take the time or plan in advance for things that will wear out or need to be replaced. But he is frugal in other ways so I guess it works out.

Funny about Money said...

Shoes. Cheap shoes hurt my feet, and I'm not interested in sharing some fungus with the previous owner of a pair of used shoes. To get shoes that don't hurt, I either have to order from or go to stores that carry pain-frees.

Funny about Money said...

yowie! Blogger let me in!!!!

Jane W. said...

Second the Smartwool, and good socks in general. Also bras,undies, and certain shoes.