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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thrift Store Karma Again

Every time I think that I should just buy whatever and be done with it (within reason, of course0, my efforts are thwarted. I recently posted about all the little bargains i missed while I was away from home and the internet. Duchesse suggested I get a smartphone. Honestly, I think a smartphone would feed my obsessive ways and also cost MORE than whatever money I was saving!

Once I was home, I, of course, headed to the two local thrift shops. Amazingly, at Goodwill, I found a pair of floor lamps from Home Depot. These were in the box. They are not my FAVORITE lamps of all--those would be from some fancy shop that features items from MOMA's Design Collection--but they were about as nice as the ones from Ballard Designs that I had been looking at. The lamps were $20 each, a lot for Goodwill, but, hey, they were new.

Then, I found a small wool rug. Not bad. Someone had removed the price tag, so the harried manager marked it at $1.99.

So I managed to cross three items off my list of desired items after all. It seems to be my destiny to shop at thrift stores. I rather like it. Not for the prices only, but for the absence of choices. There are zillions of lamps as nice as mine at Home Depot and similar; I got the only PAIR of floor lamps I've seen at a thrift in a long, long while.


Shelley said...

Well, it does seem as though you were meant to find those particular items. Went over to look at what lamps MOMA might offer but can't say they were to my taste, thankfully, so the prices didn't bother me much either.

Duchesse said...

Great! Now you can order fabric without a worry in the world :)

Anonymous said...

Score! I love stories like this and I do bellieve in thrift store karma...

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--For some reason, i love modern lighting, though i am drawn to the decrepit in most things.

@Duchesse--on my list of things to do for Saturday. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for enabling.

@Terri--You seem to have great good fortune at yoru thrifts.