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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Luxury Goods: Real or Not Real?

One of my students was yapping with me after her final. I asked her what she planned to do after graduation. She didn't know. She mentioned that her father works at Saks in the shoe department. I asked her if she had thought about working there. Hmmmm, she said. I asked her if her father had gotten her the GIANT Damier LV bag she was sporting. No, said she. It's a fake. She said her father recognized it as fake right away. She also said everyone assumed it was real even though it cost only $40. Everyone thinks it's real because I drive a BMW, she said. What's real? What's not? Always a question.


Duchesse said...

*Everyone*? Maybe other students.

Yet, she is on to something. Fakes are easier to pass off when surrounded by other status goods. When I see a person in conspicuous logos or identifiable "status" goods, I don't try to figure out real or not, I just think, "There is a person who needs to display that."

Shelley said...

Well, it's probably a real purse. I think that the few times I recognise a brand name piece I assume it is fake. Only when accompanied by immaculate grooming, seen in ritzy area or - as Duchesse says - along with other status items do I consider that it might be genuine.

I wonder what value this student will get from her higher education given her lack of goals. Well, I suppose having - or being perceived to have - a lux lifestyle is her goal, eh?