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Monday, May 14, 2012

More Advice for the Low Salary Grad: Live Like You Should Have When You Were a Student

Honestly, if a recent grad is making only $1000/month in a worthy endeavor, STAYING OUT OF DEBT is of the utmost importance. I would say: Live like a student. Except for the fact that most students live like they are middle- and upper-middle class people, either on the parental dole or getting into debt. So my advice is Live like you should have when you were a student. Every bit of debt you avoid is a blessing for your future. The recent grad of my acquaintance asked me what he should stockpile. After the rice and beans recommended yesterday, I would pick up some canned tomatoes and cheese. Best place for cheese is Costco or Sam's Club. Or Trader Joe's. So now you won't die of starvation. Any more advice?


Duchesse said...

Take care of your teeth, even if it hurts to pay for those visits. Live without a car unless you absolutely have to have one for your job. Share housing, and choose a place where the utilities are not very high b/c the place is badly insulated, etc.

If you live near them, the folks are always good for a meal.

Anonymous said...

The one piece of advice my parents gave me was to find a way to live without the expense of a car...and I followed this until age 38!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Good point. We didn't have a car till...embarrassing to say. Mr C has a car already--lucky him.

@Terri--Ditto. We didn't buy a new car till 1998--and we're still driving it.