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Saturday, September 8, 2012

25% off coupon for Coach bags!

I am so conflicted. On one side, I frequent Goodwill and Dollar Tree and swap good grocery deals with my colleague, Merton (who is even more obsessive).

On the other side, well, I am thinking about buying a Coach bag. Yes. This idea started percolating back in the spring, when I thought it might be neat to get a nice bag for my 60th birthday (2014). I really like the Coach Legacy line.

So by meandering here and there, as is my wont, I discovered that this week you can get 25% off all Coach with a coupon on Facebook. I'm not even ON Facebook, but Mr FS is. Coach is his only friend at the moment. Soon we will unfriend.

Mr FS said, Why don't you get your birthday bag now, so you will get more use out of it? He's always trying to get me to spend more money on myself.


Christina said...

Coach makes some great bags! I like the legacy line as well. The simple shapes and real leather make a great combination. Although an "investment" bag, I have found that coach products last forever. I have three that are twenty years old and doing great. Also, I believe that the company sends a lot of time thinking about the functions of a bag. The pockets are always in the right place, the handles are a great length, and the shape fits.
As an alternative to buying new, have you considered eBay? If you like the hunt, there are literally thousands of Coach bags available. Ebay has great search tools so you can narrow down and follow your top bags quickly once you figure out what you are looking for. Since you are drawn to the legacy line, you might find the vintage pieces to your liking. Be sure to check out "The Purse Forum" blog. They can authenticate your ebay selection before you buy. Those authenticators are amazing!

Northmoon said...

Being frugal to me means making conscious decisions about where and when I spend my money, not just hanging on to it like grim death and always going for the cheap option.

Therefore I don't see anything wrong with buying new and even paying full price if it's something your heart desires. And if you've got a coupon, even better! Live now, life is short, enjoy the items your money can buy.

Note that this is also my way of rationalizing paying full price for a new pair of black knee high boots that I love. After all they may not still have my size if I wait for the sales in January.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Christina--I looked on ebay, but the one I want seems to go for higher than the price minus 25%. Thanks for the endorsement--I've seen the bag IRL, but only for a few minutes.

@Northmoon--True. I think I am over conscious, alas. Boots are among the few areas where I think you get your money's worth--they really do last. So which are your desired boots????

Duchesse said...

So well put, Northmoon.

Is there a Coach store near you so you can see the bag in person and check the proportion on your body?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--I did see it in person--while I was waiting for my daughter to return something. Fate???? My first trip to a mall in several years.

SarahB said...

I'm curious, as someone that gets moody with my purses and changes them a lot, how do you know you will be happy using one a long time? FYI I really enjoy your blog and the regular contributors who comment!

Kay said...

frugality doesn't mean spending money on emans cutting elsewhere so you can spend on exactly what you want.

if you really want it and will enjoy it for long time, and have money to pay for it, then why wait? :)

Northmoon said...

The boots are by a company called Art, carried in a boutique near me called Bergstrom. The owner designs her own line of clothing, plus carries interesting accessories and footwear. I figure my money does double duty if I spend it in her store - she stays in business, and keeps the neighbourhood vibrant and interesting and I get a unique item of clothing.

About the boots though, I read 'Already Pretty', today Sal did a post about the proportion of the shaft length in boots. From what she said these may be too tall for me, but I'll have to try them on and see.

Duchesse said...

Northmoon: I almost fainted when I read your last comment here, as I lived (when I lived in Toronto) a short walk from Bergstrom. I used to go in and beg her to make things in size 14 and 16. She was not interested, to say the least. Actually I had the sense she did not want to see her clothes on that-sized women. But I kept admiring them from afar.

So, I am wondering if we were neighbours!

Revanche said...

I agree about conscious spending. And I grin to hear Mr. FS's suggestion as that sounds just like PiC who I teasingly term my enabler. In reality, he is my balance who reminds me that you can't be a conscious spender if you never spend. *ahem*

I don't personally know much about Coach bags though, so I am of limited use for the rest of this thread, other than to say I have heard of The Purse Forum mentioned above and if not via eBay, if you can still use that coupon, that may well be good enough. Life is short, as Funny said, and you might as well enjoy the things your money can buy. You save plenty generally and you're not buying frivolously otherwise. (I don't suppose you're able to get this at an outlet? I don't know what's carried at an outlet or not.)

Stacy said...

Frugal, go for the new bag. You will love it, the styles are classic and you will have it forever and then can pass it down.

I advise everyone NOT to look in a Coach outlet for a bag. I purchased one a few years ago and the wear was terrible. The welting unravelled and looked awful. I have gone back to my saved old Coach bags. I have some that are over 25 years old. Use shoe polish on them, buff and buff and buff so nothing is left on the cloth and the bag will look as good as new!

Atlantic said...

Humbly disagree re the Coach outlet. I do believe they sell items specially made for the outlet (as most other outlets do)....but if you have identified the exact bag you want and the colours you like you can call up and see if an outlet happens to have it...and it can be mailed to you. I have had success tracking down a bag I wanted this way in the newly discontinued colour that I preferred.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Atlantic--I've never been to an outlet, but the made for factory bags have F in the code.