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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Bazaar Wares and Food: Ideas?

Frugal Son--and some of his colleagues--are thinking about renting a booth at the Holiday Bazaar at their school. The booth rental ($40) is the fundraiser. As well, some local restaurants are donating part of the proceeds of their food to the school.

Here are the ideas Frugal Son came up with:

1. Hand-drawn or printed cards done by Miss Em, who is a very good artist
2. Small homemade loaves of bread (see our how-to vimeo)
3. Limoncello (we have a lemon tree!)
4. Mulled wine

My ideas:

1. Potato-leek soup
2. Spreads (cream cheese and...whatever)
3. Chocolate dipping spoons

Since Frugal Son and his pals are interested in helping the school AND in making a bit of money, the goal is to find things that are fairly cheap to make and--as important--usable even if they don't sell.

Any ideas, creative readers?


Victoria Gore said...

Make your own Christmas ornaments!

Victoria Gore said...
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Punk Glam Queen said...

Anything that looks fancy but doesn't cost much will go over well. I would think the loaves of bread (everyone loves homemade bread!) if they could be braided, knotted, or perhaps turned into a shape of some sort (somewhere I have a bread cookbook that shows how to make a dragon loaf, but that would be huge) I think would go over well. I've noticed that the things that go fastest are small and easy to carry around. Good luck and let us know what you wind up making!

Duchesse said...

The stuff has to be easily portable and last for giving as a gift (so fresh bread, unless purchased for consumption that day, is out.) I like the limoncello idea, it's fun and novel- and hope selling a boozy thing is legal. They could also assemble a kit for mulled wine with the spices, dried fruits etc in a burlap square, along with a bottle of reasonable red.

Brandied fruits? Macarons? Stuffed dates? My famous spiced nut recipe?

Shelley said...

It sounds as though food is the focus here, so my initial idea of emptying out your storage for items like picture frames, probably doesn't apply. Spice cake would work as a gift, because it freezes well. The Duchesse's idea of kits is good - jars of spiced tea, bean soup makings, cookie dough makings and the like are easily made. I'm sure there are similar ideas on the internet.