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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paula's Choice! $10 for you! $10 for me!

OK. This is not a money-generating blog, not least because I post only when the fancy strikes me. As a hardcore frugal chick, I don't buy much at retail. There are no affiliate links for thrift stores or for--omg--not buying anything.

One product line I DO buy comes from Paula's Choice, who recommends and also manufactures skincare. Although there is a potential conflict of interest--i.e. recommending one's own products--I think Paula negotiates this well. I have learned about many excellent low cost products from her, namely Cetaphil and Cerave. Paula's own products are reasonable for what they are.

Miss Em and I splurge on Paula's own line for some things: sunscreen and toner, to name just two. Oh yeah, her serums are also great.

Paula sent me an offer today. If I recommend her line to someone, that someone gets $10 off! And if that someone buys something, I get a $10 referral credit! So, if you're going to buy something ANYWAY (toners and cleansers are on sale at the moment), consider using my link. I'd love to get more serum.

Her products are 100% guaranteed incidentally.

1 comment:

Shelley said...

Whoa - linked to Get Rich Slowly! Your blog should be getting loads of hits today...I had no idea you were so 'well connected'. Shame this blog isn't monetized (though it is a right pain to mess with), but perhaps you'll get lots of credit with Paula's Choice? Good luck!