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Saturday, November 30, 2013

30% Off Book at Amazon: Another Thing I Bought

There are so many bloggers out there exhorting us to JUST SAY NO TO STUFF. It is a good message, and I need it, because I am filled with desires for this and that on the material plane. In addition to the ladder I bought yesterday (don't worry, commenters, I am not planning to USE it. I just bought it for the guys in my life. I am height-averse.), I bought Mr FS a book.

This is a book he's been pining for. He is a Proust-aholic and an all-around highbrow fellow.

Till December 1 (11:59 PST) you can get 30% off an Amazon-provided book. Up to $10 off. Use the code BOOKDEAL.
Some among you may scoff at a mere $10.00 savings. However, I believe that most of my frugality consists of lots of little savings like that. 

Speaking of $10.00, Mr FS and I are off on a walk to the local grocery to use our Small Business Saturday credit courtesy of American Express.


Duchesse said...

"A book he's been pining for"- no excuses needed. Mmmwah!

dotsybabe said...

I had to laugh about the ladder. Years ago I asked for a drill for Christmas, and "Santa" asked me what I wanted a drill for. "To put holes in things," said I. Thirty years later, the drill is still working, as is my sister's, who got one from Santa the following year. A successful gift is one the recipient wants/uses, etc.

dotsybabe said...
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