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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For oatmeal and oat groat eaters: a good deal that ENDS TODAY

Yesterday, I was having one of those "What's it all about?" days common on big birthdays. I was talking to Frugal Son about it. I said that in some ways, it doesn't matter that much if I'm frugal anymore. I'm pretty close to retirement, after all, and just chugging along en route to a frugal one as far as I can tell.

Frugal Son said, "Well, I know how to be frugal and so does Miss Em. Now you need to tell the millions." Haha. I certainly don't reach the millions--or even the thousands--but, in keeping with my belief that a zillion little frugalities over a lifetime ADD UP, here's a little one.

Everywhere you go, you read about the virtues of oats. Mr FS and I eat oat groats almost every day. We get them from Honeyville in 50 lb sacks. We still have a lot left, so we can't take advantage of this. But YOU CAN. 15% off with code FRESH (it's right on the website, so don't worry). $4.49 to ship. They have all sorts of stuff, but the only thing we buy is the steel-cut oats. With the discount, they end up being about $1/lb. We don't have a good source here for bulk foods, so we were happy to find this place.

We cook a potful up every few days, refrigerate, and reheat for breakfast before heading off to work.

A frugal, healthy, timesaving breakfast from Honeyville: the jackpot!


Shelley said...

When I lived in SLC I bought popcorn and oatmeal in 50 lb bags from the local bakery supplier. I've not found a similar source here in Britain. Bill gets paranoid when I talk about buying in bulk and, given the damp climate here, I do understand his concerns. I would think twice (but if I found a source I think I'd be tempted to try it at least once). A big part of frugality is being willing to experiment!

Laverne Simoneaux said...

FS (or EG)--

How do you store 50 lbs of oats in SoLA? You don't get pests or weevils?


PS. Enjoying FD's Snippets.

Gam Kau said...

I think passing on your frugal skills (which really are just common sense aren't they?) to your children is plenty enough to answer "what's it all about". I'm shocked at how few people seem to have basic financial literacy. My daughter just told me a friend of hers has a housekeeper come round once a week to the flat (£20/visit). Needless to say I was aghast. Three 20somethings can't clean up after themselves? eek.

In any case, I have been a faithful follower of your blog for a long while now, but have never been able to comment because you have your comment settings restricted. But now I've sorted of started blogging so I can finally comment.

Btw, you know all the stuff about wanting to treat yourself and buy a new handbag or special something for yourself because sometimes you think you are too frugal? I am much the same and have experienced the same angst and have even splurged on the special something. And you know what? I really never wanted it (well, purchased new anyway) to begin with. I always end up returning the darn thing. :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@All--Sorry for the late responses!
@Shelley--We used to get weevils (brought home in bulk grains), but we're really careful--ad we've been lucky of late.

@Hi LAverne! See above. I guess we eat very fast! Thanks for reading.

@Gam Ku--Thanks for reading and commenting. My frugal kids are trying to teach their 20-something friends how to save here and there. Hope they will have some success. Yeah--I'm returning the handbag. I DID buy myself the $$ toaster oven of my creams, however! So happy!