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Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me: Fake It Till I Make It?

Today is my long awaited/dreaded birthday. Since I am something of a self-denier (a debilitating disease of the pathologically frugal), I decided I would get myself a biggish (for me anyway) gift. I have been musing: a nice bag? some earrings? a scarf?

Choosing THE ONE was driving me crazy with indecision. Then I realized I could get all three, if I chose mid-priced models. And I could stretch out the purchases over the year, an idea I like. Here's my "progress."

1. EARRINGS. I would like some big pearl earrings. I even solicited and got personalized suggestions from the great Duchesse, a pearl expert. THANK YOU. I sent them to my senior advisor (aka my daughter, who is far away till summer). She said WAIT till I get home! And, she said, In the meantime, wear the big fake pearls you have. These were a hand-me-down from my mother, who bought them many years ago at the Metropolitan Museum Shop.

OK: fake it #1. I suppose a test drive would be a good idea.

2. HANDBAG. How to choose? I finally bought a bag from Garnet Hill that I had been eying for a while. By the time I sprung for it, it was half price! Frugal-ish! Guess what? The reviews are 99% positive. 1% said It looked cheap. Guess where I stand? Have to return.

A few days ago, I was donating several bags of stuff to the Food Bank Thrift Store. I peeked in. I spied a color-block bag in maroon and black, colors I love. The inside had the label UE with a prominent Certified Vegan (i.e. plastique) tag. Still, it was not really cheap looking and--drumroll--it was also half price at $1.50. So I bought it on a whim.

When I got home, I noticed some weird snaps inside. I pulled out the sides and discovered that I was the proud owner of a FAKE Celine Trapeze bag! I had bought a knockoff bag in complete innocence.

OK: fake it #2. Since I figure no one in my day-to-day life would think this was a real or fake anything in particular, I am going to test it out too, till my daughter returns to advise me.

3. SCARF. I haven't even thought about this yet.

PROGRESS? I am not sure. I am thinking there might be karma involved, but I am unsure as to whether this is a TEST (a roadblock in my effort to be LESS PATHOLOGICALLY frugal, at least now and again) or a GIFT (till Miss Em returns, the forces of frugality have offered me substitutes).

Tomorrow night, Mr FS and I will attend a concert in New Orleans. I will be sporting my two FAKES and an as-yet-to-be-determined scarf.


tess said...

Happy birthday, best wishes for everything good. Bag in the link is very pretty. Maybe you'll find one one day??

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Happy Birthday !
I am sure that Duchesse has given you some great pointers when it comes to pearls....they will be worth the wait. Enjoy the celebration this week.

SewingLibrarian said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get your pearls in the near future. Is Miss Em due back in June? Anyway, enjoy your day.

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday. Hope is a good day for you.

The Frugal Shrink said...

Happy birthday!! :)

Liamsmom2 said...

Happy birthday to you FS! You continue to be an inspiration to me!

Duchesse said...

Happy birthday! Hope the concert was a sparkling evening- a wonderful way to celebrate a big birthday.

You are wise to buy things that can be returned.

Frugal Scholar said...

@ALL--SORRY FOR THE LATE RESPONSES!! Thanks for the birthday wishes. So hard to get used to being 60.