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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Frugal French (Language Lessons)

The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, proprietess of a cozy blog, is off to France. She asked for suggestions. Rather than putting my suggestion in a comment (where it might be seen by no one), I will put it here (where maybe someone will see it).  I learned about this site from my frugal colleague Merton (his chosen nom de plume that pays homage to his favorite author, Thomas Merton). Merton was in the Peace Corps many years ago and used the Foreign Service language courses for his stint.

These courses are now on-line, with an audio portion and a workbook that looks like the dittos of days of yore. In spite of the retro look, the courses are good. They are in the public domain. Word is that they are the basis of the expensive Rosetta Stone courses, which have jazzed up the visuals.

Me, I like free, especially if paid for by my tax dollars. I'm going to practice my French this very minute!

You can learn a zillion other languages too. Miss Em looked at the Serbian before she left for her gig there. Whoa! It's a difficult language.


Duchesse said...

Since Québec's official language is French, there are many online FSL course and resources for free. These are accessible to her, too.

Graphics aside, I am not sure anyone can really learn to •speak• another language this way; it's kind of like learning to dance by following those little foot diagrams.

In these onliine courses, you learn the "words" (and grammar, and tenses and all kinds of rules) but not the "music". hostess' Alliance Français classes will help with that. Having a tutor, though, has been the most helpful thing for me; individual attention makes a great deal of difference. My French will always be "intermediately intermediate" but that's OK. A lot of learning a language is about taking a risk to be wrong.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Could you share some links to the free online courses? I love the one I linked to, but would love to try others. Your last sentence--willingness to make mistakes--is spot on.