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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Farewell to the Cottage

We arranged to spend a month at the cottage in Stockbridge to see if we wanted to keep it after my mother (now 85) was gone. This was my mother's decision. We could afford to "buy my brother out." However, two weeks ago, a real estate agent approached my mother and now my mother has decided to sell it. It has been in her family since 1930 when it was built.

It is the place of my happiest memories. So this will be my last summer there.

I am too distressed to even post photos of the most beautiful place in the world. I guess I will have to write about it instead.


Duchesse said...

I can only imagine your shock and dismay. Such deep roots, and the knowledge that the place you treasured will leave the family. Also sounds like you did not have the opportunity to make your interest known- or perhaps your mother acted impulsively.

We have dealt with this on both sides of our family. Even decisions we found "sensible" were still harrowing emotionally.

Anonymous said...

I remember a previous post in which you were concerned about the financial advice your mom was receiving. It sounds a bit predatory that a real estate agent approached her and did not encourage her to get family input. Or that she is listening to other family members but not all. Your loss - I am sorry.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse and Exacting: Thank you for your kind comments.
@anexactinglife--I tried to leave a comment on your blog and was unable to do so. Still a constant and admiring reader.