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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The 1940 Census: 21 Parkman Street

The Loefflers and Ornsteins arrived in the United States in 1938--having passed through Belgrade where they, along with Minna Loeffler, were sheltered by Nicky Petrovic, husband of Julia Loeffler. From there, they went by boat (in separate sailings) to Boston, where they were sponsored by Victor Polatschek. Minna Loeffler, mother of Julia, Fritzi, Hans, and Emma,  stayed behind (reasons given are conflicting, but her presence put the family in terrible danger) and was hidden during the War.

Crabbed handwriting in the little boxes of the 1940 census.

21 Parkman Street, Brookline Massachusetts

Victor Polatschek
Frederika Polatschek
Hans Loeffler
Anna Loeffler
Herbert Loeffler
Leo Ornstein 
Emma Ornstein
Renee Ornstein

Victor Polatschek  is listed as being in the Boston Symphony Orchestra with an income of $5000. 
Hans Loeffler is listed as an inventor-auto searchlight with an income of 0.
Leo Ornstein is listed as a clothing factory clerk with an income of $1000.
All are listed as being from Vienna. All adults are listed as having reached grade 8 (?). Herbert had reached grade 0; Renee had reached grade 3.

Hans, with a partner who also ended up in Boston, had owned an auto dealership in Vienna. He sold Bugattis.
Leo owned a business (fabric?) in Vienna. I have the document in which he signed over his assets to the Nazi government.

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