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Monday, January 30, 2017

Refugees:" What country, friends, is this"

Note: this space is for personal musings. See older posts for frugality!

"What country, friends, is this?" Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.1.2.

My father's family

Harry G: arrived with mother and siblings in 1910 from Russia. Father Benzi already in America. Benzi died at age 32 from a botched hospital procedure, leaving a pregnant widow and four children. The two oldest children sold candy to support the family. the mother, Rose, opened a grocery store and took in boarders.

Sylvia F: arrived with parents and several siblings from Poland in the teens. They had one baby, the beloved David, in 1920, assuming that a baby born in America would protect their status.

My father B, named for his grandfather, was born in NY in 1928.

My mother's family

Leo O and Emma O and my mother Renee arrived from Vienna (by way of Belgrade and Cherbourg) in 1938.

All refugees, save one. All fleeing persecution.


Amy said...

Ah Frugal. On election night in November, as the results dawned upon us, shattering the world in a million pieces, all I could think was "What country, friends, is this?"

Chabe said...
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Chabe said...
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