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Friday, September 15, 2017

A Commercial Moment: We Heart Poshmark

I let this blog fall into a moribund state because I felt that whatever I had to say about frugality, I had said. But also--and this was a secret--because my daughter and I discovered Poshmark. Poshmark fulfilled one of my fashion/cheapitude fantasies: that all the people who lived near Eileen Fisher outlets, or found the stuff I wanted at thrift stores could get it to me at a not unreasonable price. We tried some of the others (Twice Clothing, Tradesy) but they either went out of biz or became outlets for large commercial concerns.

Poshmark worked for us. As usual with me, things got out of hand. Emma and I sold our stuff, and then....stuff for relatives and friends. And then we also bought things...mostly Eileen Fisher. My cravings for EF have finally subsided. I have enough. So does my daughter, who has a very snazzy wardrobe for someone who is at the beginning of an art career.

Also: I have stopped going to thrift stores and so--surprise--am finally making some headway with the clutter I have amassed.

HERE IS THE COMMERCIAL PITCH. If you use my referral code--marcelproust--after my husband's literary obsession, you get $5 off and WE GET $5 in credit. Other than my Paula's Choice (love!) hawking, this is my only toe-dip into commercialism.

With my usual ineptitude, I am doing  it at a point when I have ALMOST NO READERS.

But just in case you want to try:

Et moi, marcelproust!


Anonymous said...

Hi FS, Nice stuff on that site. I haven't created an account - do you know if items can be shipped to Canada?

Shelley said...

Same sort of question here, would they ship to Britain? Likely I'd end up paying 'duty', so doubt it would turn out so frugal. Glad to hear you're getting a handle on clutter. I have been going through my attic and am shocked to find things I was certain I'd donated years ago! With new criteria (must be natural, bio-degradable or a fabric that takes dye) it's been dead easy to cull the collection!

Liamsmom2 said...

Hi FS,

I am still reading (albeit late)! I thought of you today because I was reading about LSU and other schools with "lazy rivers."

I miss reading your musings. You are a good role model for me as I raise two kids, trying not to get bogged down by suburbia and all the "things" kids think they need.

Happy to hear about Poshmark. I do not have anything too posh to sell, but might find stuff via thrifting (or FB yard sale sites).