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Friday, December 1, 2017

Musings--complete sentences/thoughts not required.
No comments--this is for me.

Thinking about moving/retiring

Students--mostly weak ones--handing in stuff late--too late--begging for "points." End of semester chaos. One of "best" students in class told me he hadn't read the work he wrote his paper on--just a few pages. Always "what's it all about." Have to slog though all this late work making little check marks. Then recording online. Lots of opportunities for error.

JF-old friend--pointed out a while ago that we had no need to live in town we live in. Educated and affluent (for poor and uneducated state)--decent schools which we augmented with enrichments (diy0. Heavily Republican area and I am not happy with day to day life. Katha Pollitt essay on "one year in": "I hate people."Me too. (Don't feel that way re students though). So if we retired we might have to move. One of Emma's friends called it a toxic environment.

Then--errand jaunt--mailed 15 books for Emma and deposited two checks--ran into beautiful tall Bonnie--"friend" from thrifting. Had not seen her for a few years. Artist/horse career. Husband also artist--worked for Blaine Kern designing Mardi Gras floats. Whispered--did you vote for T? She said No in horror. So one kindred spirit.

Things I like to do that I couldn't do if I retired: teach Paradise Lost, teach Donne's poetry, teach sonnets of various sorts...truly a transporting experience. Oh yeah--teach Araby and The Dead by Joyce. I teach lots of other things--but these put me in state of bliss.

Things we can do if we retired: live abroad for 3-4 months. But we can do that anyway--at least up to 10 weeks.

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