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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Margaret Atwood Robber Bride

Not a very good book, alas. I do like Blind Assassin. Opened to the right page though: 262.

Karen/Charis 262

Once she went back to the farm, her grandmother's farm, she wanted to see it. But it wasn't a farm anymore; it was a subdivision. Charis tried not mind, since nothinbg that was or had been would perish,, and the farm was still inside her;it was still hers because places belonged to the people who loved them


Shelley said...

I have never been able to enjoy Margaret Atwood as I find her books rather dour, though I do appreciate she is a notable writer. I was fascinated by the televised series The Handmaid's Tale and plan to read the book, if only to get to the end of the story (if there is one).

I do like the sentiment in the selection you shared. Several of the homes I had as a child have since been demolished, but I can walk through the rooms in my mind any time I wish. My family home, where I was raised, is still a rental but it is beginning to deteriorate structurally and I will likely sell it this year. I'm sure I've kept it beyond the point of financial wisdom, but it's taken me 27 years to fully accept that Mom doesn't live there any more. Silly, I know.

tess said...

Lovely passage. My neighborhood has been gentrified to the nth degree. I find comfort in my memories of the way things used to be.