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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ask Dr Frugal: unwanted cds

What do I do with my unwanted cds?

Now that I am getting slightly famous at work for my frugal tips (mostly because I have been telling people I have lots of frugal tips), students have been asking me questions.

Question #1 is from Alexandra: “Dr Frugal, what should I do with cds I don’t want?”
Answer: Check on Amazon to see if they have any value. If so, sell them there! It’s so easy. You can get little padded envelopes when they are on sale at Walgreen’s for 3/$1. Or make your own.

For those that don’t have enough value for Amazon, list on Also easy. You can set up a wishlist of cds you want.


Chance said...

Another tip is to sell them to secondspin (, a huge internet CD store. Sometimes when they are listed for a penny on Amazon, you can sell them for 2.00 on secondspin. My drill is Amazon, then secondspin, then to the CD store in town for store credit so I can get something I like, then to goodwill for the tax write-off.

Frugal Scholar said...

Thanks for the tip! I will pass this on.