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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Frugal Fun: Fall Weekend

Weekend : Fall 2008

Usually, we don’t do much on the weekends: dh gardens, I putter around…We have vowed to do more fun stuff now that dd and ds don’t live at home most of the year. Usually, we just stay home….This weekend, we have had an embarrassment of fun activities.

Friday: went to FREE Sunset at the Landing Concert. The New Orleans area has so many fabulous musicians. This series is in a beautiful spot by the Bogue Falaya River. We heard some instrumentalists and singer Topsy Chapman. Bonus: we can walk to this spot from our house.

Saturday: we were invited by Mark and Peggy, a creative, smart duo we know, to an evening of music at their home. Mark and Peggy love music and were regular patrons of the jazz dinner at the Mandalay Café, which went kaput post-Katrina. They had the idea of hosting musicians at their house, with everyone chipping in to pay ! What a great idea! So for about $30 we got to listen to a wonderful performer and to partake of a potluck meal. The musician was very funny. I was determined to remember some of his great moments, but all I can remember is that he rhymed “anguish” and “language” in an anti-Bush tune and sang a funny/poignant song about NOLA (New Orleans LA) to the tune of Lola. Mentions of Katrina will forever be a bonding device for those of us in the “Katrina area.”

Sunday: if dh ever gets back from his bike ride, we will go to a FREE concert at the church down the street. This is a monthly series. Tonight it is classical string trio from Loyola University. Followed by free food! Vow not to eat too much.

Minor victory: did not go to Goodwill today! Went to CVS to get free candy corn (for students) and milk. Also bought some 90% off sunscreen and sports drinks. Spent around $10, $5 of which was a soon-to-expire ECB. Other victory: forwent some “free after rebate” items, which I didn’t need, as well as 90% off soda (10 cents!), which I don’t want to have around.
It is a beautiful day, so dh and I walked to little grocery. We didn’t really need anything, but bought a plantain (our weekly purchase) and a bottle of wine for dh. His favorite is Carbanere (???). Spent around $8.

Total spent this weekend: $30 for entertainment; $18 for food and sunscreen.

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