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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Carlisle suits

My Carlisle suits

St John update. Took jacket to school where it was met with some acclaim. No one will ever take me for a dress for successer because I am a well-known thrift shopper. But my frugal pal George kept saying to all colleagues who came down our hall, “Do you want to see a $1000 jacket?” One of my colleagues (not someone who likes me) said, “Oh, is it a Chanel?” She looked at the label and sniffed, “Oh, a St John.”

Couldn’t resist adding a comment on jacket to the Wall Street Journal discussion on luxury labels. No response to my comment.

Some other responders mentioned the Carlisle collection as a worthy brand. This brand is sold in people’s houses; my research revealed that the wife of Trent Lott is a seller. The sales are by invitation only; the jackets seem to go for $300 and up. I know I’ve seen some at the thrifts. In fact, at a fairly upscale abode a few blocks away, I’ve seen the living area set up as a clothing store, so perhaps the resident is a Carlisle seller. Love the fact that there are pockets of rich people here because the clothes end up at the thrifts.

I was kind of blue over all the work I have to do, so I set out to the thrifts for my morning break, secretly hoping for another St John. First I hit Goodwill, where there was nothing of interest. So I headed (as a treat for myself) to Habitat (zip) and then crossed the street to the Food Bank thrift, where there were TWO Carlisle suits in my size The thrift store force seems to be with me. Of course I had to get them. The pants they came with seem rather outdated (pleats), so I’ll probably wear the jackets with jeans.

I put the suits on the counter and continued to look around. A person with a clothing voucher came in and wanted my suits! Luckily, the cashier said they were mine! It is neat to imagine this needy person in a Carlisle suit. Oh well, lots of other nice stuff for her.

Then I ran into a fellow thrifter, with whom I share size 6 ½ feet. She saw the suits and said they had been there a few days. Most of the people who shop at thrifts in my area don’t need suits like that. I don’t either, but I can wear them to teach.

In the space of a week I’ve acquired (for 13.50) three upscale items. Now I can put to the test the theory that these brands (quietly) scream luxury. That is, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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