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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Be a Karma All Star: Frugal Shopping Edition

I’m feeling under some pressure. It’s Thursday and I wanted to do a Thrifty Thursday post as promised to another blogger. I don’t have much inspiration, so I nipped out to the thrift store to find some. And I didn’t find a great bargain, an acquaintance to chat with, or something to write about.

But then, after an on-line chat with my dear daughter, I checked one of my fave new blogs, Cheap JAP, which concerns the shopping adventures of a twenty-something JAP (Jewish American Princess), who had to give up Daddy’s credit card when she graduated from college. This girl has style, spirit, and creativity. I had been sharing some scenarios from the blog with my daughter, because there are some great Shopping with Mommy adventures, which remind me of MY shopping adventures with my mother and my current adventures AS the Mommy with my daughter. I even have a post in progress about this.

And there on Cheap JAP was my daughter, mentioned as a Karma All-Star because she shared a shopping tip with CJ.

And some karma came my way too because I can use my daughter’s email plus CJ’s response as MY blog post for the day. Now that’s thrifty.

Here is CJ on shopping Karma:
Part of why I’m a kickass shopper is practice, but another part of it is Karma. Good Shopping Karma comes from being good to your fellow shoppers, from acting in accordance with the notion that Sharing is Caring. I don’t need you to share your tips, trials, finds and frustrations with me: I just want you to share them with each other. (Yes, I sound like a Sesame Street character, no, I don’t care.) So use this blog to do it. And don’t even think about hoarding info on something we can ALL use like a Basic V-Neck Tee again.

And here is the email from my dear daughter that got her into the Karma Hall of Fame:

Last time my mom and I were at Target, we saw some Tri-Blend Tanks on sale for $6, just like the ones from American Apparel. I was skeptical at first, but upon trying one on, found they fit like a dream. The Target copies are the exact same blend as the A.A. originals - 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon - and, I am convinced, the exact same cut. I am still amazed. I am having to refrain from buying three in every color.

CJ hit Target seven minutes later!

So let’s share. This is a version of the frugal-go-round I wrote about yesterday.

Thanks to CJ for quoting my daughter; thanks to my daughter for pretty much writing this post.

Dear readers: have you been sending out any shopping Karma? Has any come your way?

Do share!


EEE said...

When you find something really fabulous at a fairly cheap/common store, it's sometimes horrifying to hear the words "Oh my gosh I love your (blank), where did you get it?" However, you're right FS. It's always better to tell people the truth. Who knows, maybe one day someone will let you have a Chloe dress at Goodwill for $4. Oh wait, that already happened to you. I guess you've been good!

Amanda said...

Not only thrifty, but creative blogging! :) So glad you joined again this week!!

Amanda said...

Oh oops, in case any of your readers want to see the other frugal tips from Thrifty Thursday, here's the link as I didn't see it in your post :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@EEE--Thanks for stopping by!

@Amanda--Sorry! I will add the link. I am a technophobe AND a technoklutz.

Duchesse said...

Guess it could be embarrassing to say your frock is from Goodwill but even Angelina Jolie shops thrift.

In my world and time, JAP is a considered pejorative, I guess there's a new generation that uses it ironically?

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--It's not that thrift shopping is embarrassing (far from it), it's that people don't want anyone else to poach on their "territory."

As for JAP--I think it's meant in an ironic, in your face, post-modern way. And, as with other minority groups, it's generally OK to use only if you're in the group (????).