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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thrift Store Gods Laugh at Me Once More

In a nice way, I hasten to say.

Every now and again, I decide to just buy one item at regular price and be done with it. One such item is the havaiana flip flop, which receives raves. At around $20, this is ridiculously overpriced, but it is supposedly comfy (unlike most flip flops). Plus, it is a status—nay, an iconic—flip flop.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I had 100 things to grade. That was a lie. I had 140 things to grade. Like the deficit, that number is unnerving, so I “rounded down,” following the example of the politicians who don’t include some items in the federal budget. I rounded down the late work that eventually showed up.

I did a lot of work, but still have almost 100 things to grade. Rounding down and leaving things out—bad ideas.

I did some grading this morning and decided to take a quick thrift break for mental health reasons. I also bought some chicken thighs at the grocery for $0.67/pound—a very good price, folks.

First, Goodwill: 2 pairs of just about new ballet flats. One in maroon leather and the other in black suede with a satin bow. Cost: $5.10, plus tax.

Next Habitat: I was talking to another frequent shopper about the local woman who hired someone to kill her husband—both have now been arrested for first-degree murder. I had advance news of this last night when I ran into a former student at the public library. He works at a private elementary school and told us that the woman who runs the book fairs had just been arrested. A perfectly pleasant middle-class mom.

Anyway, this conversation delayed my departure. I think this was the Thrift Store gods at work, because a volunteer came into the room with an armful of shoes. These just happened to be all in my size (6.5-7) and all nearly unworn! Two pairs booties (one Stuart Weitzman), 1 pair Wolky sandals (I’ve always wanted some of these, but didn't want to shell out the $100+), 1 pair Nine West black suede wedge boots, 1 pair Puma Nuala yoga shoes, 1 pair Clarks leather thong sandals.

This was a great moment, because no one else there was my size, so it was a serene scene, with much congratulations and admiration along the way. Five pairs were $2.00 and one was $3.00 (for no apparent reason). Total: $13.00 plus tax.

So 8 pairs of shoes for a bit under $20.00, the cost of the havaianas. OK,OK. I accept that I am not meant to buy things at regular stores. I accept my fate. Thank you, Thrift Store gods.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love me a thrift store Frugal Scholar. I bought an antique sidebar at the Salvation Army store for.........get ready.......are you ready????
A whopping $7.00 and she's a be-yoot :)
Thanks again for brightening my day and making me smile.
Is Miss Em better?

The Fabric Bolt said...

Amazing! Again, those of us in California are jealous of all the thrify goodies you can find!

The Fabric Bolt said...

Here is a link you might enjoy - kinda follows up to the frugal meals.

Duchesse said...

You are giving me palpitations! Enjoy your new shoe wardrobe, but (given the neighbours you have) sleep with your eyes open!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

'Murder for hire plot gone awry leads to bargain shoes for one local woman' - details at 10:00 :)

Congrats on the good thrift finds, and good luck with all of those papers to grade.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Midlife--I wish the thrift gods would send me neat furniture! I only see neat stuff when someone else is buying it. Great find.

@Fabric--thanks for the link!

@Duchesse--You're right. That is a scary story--very close to home. The poor man--and their poor son.

@Cubicle--Thanks for the peptalk on grading. As is obvious, I am procrastinating RIGHT NOW.

Chance said...

I too receive messages of goodness and light through her blessings, the Thriftstore Goddess. All is abundance and desire fulfilled in her most glorious frugal realm, her sanctuary, the Thrift Store.

But should you stray from her repurposing and reusing path, you will be doomed, and all you will receive is brokedown heel scuff flats and stained armpit sweaters.

Do not be tempted by the Full Retail Demon, do not fall to his lying seductions, do not believe that the fate of the economy rests on your credit card buying retail. Instead celebrate her regiftedness, and all will be light with you forever.

Yes, I am demented, but there ya go.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hey whatcha looking for Frugal Scholor? You live in Loose-e-anna right? Prince sends big trucks off his cargo flights that way pretty much every couple of days.
Dare to make a few trades?
Hit me up at my blog so I won't miss the answer. I'm soooo serious. You guys have a few things down there that I do believe that we could work out a little "Fair Trade Agreement" on.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Funny about Money said...

This week three people have complimented the hat I came across in an estate sale.


Murder will out: One of my former colleagues, many a year ago, hired an unprepossessing fellow to off her husband. He failed -- they failed -- and they both ended up in the slam. He was killed by a demented fellow inmate. Dunno what ever happened to her. Maybe she's still there.

Hm. Says something about academia, doesn't it? Drives you to hiring hitmen. 8-o

Or else to thrift stores. :-)

Frugal Scholar said...

@Chance--Maybe it is a goddess! Thanks for the poetry.

@Midlife--I never know what I want!

@Funny--Post a pic of you and/or the hat on your blog. This was not an academic murder--the poor guy was an EMT. I fear I may have been too cavalier in my post. The people had a 13 yr old son--it's really awful.

Mary said...

Now that's a deal! I think you were meant to have those shoes! What fun.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Mary--Thanks for stopping by again. Love your blog.