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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gratitude: OR I'm Famous

So I noticed a slight uptick in my readership yesterday.

Then, reading Roomfarm, one of my fave blogs, I learned that she had a HUGE uptick owing to a mention in MSN Money! Lo and behold, I was mentioned too! Here.

According to Chance of Roomfarm, her sudden fame was a result of a referral by another fave blogger, Funny About Money:

Upon investigation it turns out that very lovely Funny About Money told Karen Datko about my blog, and she featured it on the MSN Smart Spending blog. Her post was complimentary and made me actually blush, and then I spent the rest of the day being ridiculously pleased and calling everyone I knew to tell them about it. It's still going on - today by 3:30 EST I had 264 visits.

Thanks to Karen Datko of MSN Smart Spending Blog. Could Funny have mentioned me too? Thanks to her, no matter what, because her blog inspired me to start my own. Thanks to Chance, for providing the key to the mystery. Thanks to any new readers for stopping by.

Interestingly, Chance got a lot more readers from the mention than I did, perhaps because her post was on lagniappe, the Louisiana term that means "something extra." I am from Louisiana and I am here to say that the term is used ALL the time around here.

My post was a little whine about thrift store prices. It looks like gratitude outsells whining. That's as it should be.

So I will resist the temptation to make a comment about the AIG whine of the week that was in the New York Times yesterday. Sorry, no links to whining!

So, gratitude that Spring is here, the azaleas look great, we're still eating garden greens, I have lots of reading material in the house, I'm getting through a big pile of papers, Luzianne coffee was on sale allowing me to stock up, a former colleague brought me a dozen yard eggs, soon spring break will be here, soon Jazz Fest will be here,soon summer break will be here. Oh yeah, I thought my classes went well yesterday. I read an undergraduate paper so good my heart almost burst. I recited a poem in class that I memorized more than 30 years ago and, even though I needed a few prompts, my students burst into applause! Finally, since I have to get back to grading, I am grateful that my son made homemade lasagne noodles a few days ago and gave us some of the excess. We will be having lasagne tonight.


Duchesse said...

Oh that's marvelous! Hope the people who find you keep on reading and linking!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I'm so happy for you and way, way impressed........though I must say, not surprised!!
Your money saving tips should be no less than a cover on Money magazine and absolutely without a doubt should be first page of the New York Times. I feel like we will see you there one day.
And to think that I can say "Hey, I know that smart lady" :). I don't know you personally, but your warmth and certainly your smart's shine through in each and every post.
(And....Mea Culpa Frugal Scholar, Jack Hawkins is the Chancellor of Troy State University where Jenna, our 21 year old went to school. I don't personanly know know the Dean at the University Of Alabama but still think that it is a, OUTSTANDING school!! Our 24 year old son went there and I give you a very high recommendation to that school. Geez, listen to'd think I was married to the Dean, lol).
Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Frugal Scholar said...

Thanks Duchesse and Reggie. My fame was short-lived it seems. Thanks to my "faithful readers" for stopping by!

@Reggie--I met a very nice fellow who teaches at Troy State.

Chance said...

Late to the party here as I was on travel, but your fame is well-deserved! I learn from your blog constantly and love the high-qual writing.

Just a small point of correction: The post *everyone* was reading on my blog during my readership spike was about homemade laundry powder, lagniappe came in a distant second. I think funny how--to-do-it posts are very popular these days, because everyone is dying to learn how to save money

While fame is seductive, it is fleeting :) I am now back to my usual handful of visits, maybe because, you know, I can't really post Wedensday-Fridays, numbers are down into the regular single digits of readers.

Your blog is amazing, and I come by daily to read your high quality writing, your insights, your terrific recipes, your rants, so please keep writing whatever you want to because my experience is that every post you write is a gem.