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Monday, July 27, 2009

Frugal Scholar on Vacation: Things Seen and Overheard

I had a whole slew of apercus apropos things seen and overheard, but then was interrupted by family meltdown. And now I can only remember one.

Wellesley MA: Walking around waiting for mother's reunion to end. Walked by a store with riding stuff in one window. Other window had "Fox Hunting" equipment! As we walked by the door, the door opened. From behind we heard, "Of course, she winters in Gstaad."

I swiveled around and saw what appeared to be a mother-daughter duo, dressed in high prep. Nothing special. Wow.

Stockbridge MA: I just accompanied my mother to the town dump to drop off our trash. Massachusetts is so into recycling! It's great. My favorite feature was a little "Free Shop," where you could bring your too-good -to throw out stuff. There I saw some very snazzy clothing. The nice ladies offered me a Doncaster jacket, but I said my suitcases were too full.

That's it: New England high and low.


Chance said...

The trip to the dump is old school New England at its finest in my opinion. What a great thing to do on vacation. The big item coming up in late August is bags of kids clothes. I do know middle-class people around here who never spend a dime on kids clothes, they get everything at the swap shack.

Duchesse said...

Old money/old school style: to drive a beat up 15 year old station wagon or dress in nothing-special prep, and winter in Gstaad. And note the words were uttered in a personal conversation, not bellowed on a cell phone for the entire restaurant to heart.

Funny about Money said...

Welcome back!

To us desert rats, old school New England sounds like another planet. But interesting...very interesting.

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