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Friday, July 17, 2009

Thrift Shop Shoes: TOO Frugal?

I've occasionally mentioned, here and in comments, that most shoes hurt my feet. Not for me are pretty heels or wedges. No. While the ladies in the Foreign Language Department sport 4 inch heels (They're like house shoes!), I make do with flats.

Why thrift stores? because even purportedly comfy shoes hurt my feet. At $2.00 to $3.00 a pair for nearly new shoes, I can afford to experiment.

You may wonder: How do I find so many shoes? Well, it's partly because I have small feet (6.5-7), thanks to my dear Grandma Emma. I only have one competitor that I know of: Joan and I have agreed to share. It's also because shoes have the squeam factor. I wrote about this a while back. Your biggest selection at thrifts is of items with a squeam factor, the things where people say Ewwwww. I'd never buy _______ used.

So, here is what I've learned.

1. Wolky shoes are not as comfy as they are cracked up to be.
2. Mephistos are very good!
3. SAS sandals--true old lady comfort shoes--are comfy. the sandals have an ironic edge. The shoes, well, let's say I can't go there yet.
4. Donald Pliners are great! But I can't wear the wedges.
5. Arches are SOOOO cool looking. But they hurt my feet.
6. Your feet get sweaty in crocs.
7. Those boiled wool clogs by Haflinger and Giesswein are great!
8. Shoes from places like Banana Republic, Loft, and the like are sheer misery. Ditto Talbots.
9. Tevas work OK, but the more expensive Chacos do not
10. Eccos are pretty good.

But the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn are my Chanel loafers, bought in Goodwill in a karmic moment a few years ago.

Pure bliss. Brown leather. Size 37.


FB @ said...

Chanel loafers.. I think I'd give those a try too if I saw them!

Duchesse said...

The harsh climate here in Ontario that results in thrift shoes being a wreck and mostly not worth any price, but did find a cool pair of Doc Martens sandals for DH once.

Sorry you can't wear Arche (even the sandals?) as nubuck models are washable so therefore amazing value as they look new for so long.
Could these work for you: Birkenstock; Beautifeel; Naot?

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--If you see another pair, send them on...

@Duchesse--Birks are mildly acceptable. I've never found Naots. will look for the other brand, which is new to me. Thanks!

My mother went through an Arche phase and I was so jealous.

Funny about Money said...

LOL! GREAT report on pain-frees!

I love Mephistos. Naots are similar in the comfort department, and like Mephistos, not too ugly on the feet. I've never been able to see the appeal of Crocs: ugly and uncomfortable. You should be able to dispense with one of those characteristics in a shoe.

Duchesse said...

While I would like to be accepting of whatever works for people, Crocs are deeply unenjoyable to me. OK for garden work or in restaurant kitchens where you need shoes you can hose off.

Funny about Money said...

Target has some amazingly cheap hosable flip-flops that work well for gardening. Dunno how they'd do in cooler climates where your feet might get cold...but surely they'd get cold anyway in those clammy Crocs?

Mega Factory said...