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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

May I be the Person my Blog Readers Think I Am

Update on dilemma. Duchesse asked that I update on my decision re Vera Bradley backpack (not a major world problem as we know). And, as Cubicle Wall notes, these popular and often garish bags are awfully pricey for potholders.

If not for Duchesse, who is sometimes stern in her comments, but obviously nice, I would have let this slide. That is because I am nice in my comments, but basically working on being nicer in what passes for real life. I said to Mr. FS, Oh no! What should I do? He, a fellow of great moral and ethical discernment, said, Lie.

That, of course, brings up the ontological status of the blog world, something I ponder frequently. I seldom lie, but whenever I do, it backfires. I am not cut out to be a liar.

So, for purely pragmatic reasons, I called M, mother of S, wife of Anger-Management-Problem A, hoping I could leave a message. But no, M picked up, and I blurted out my news. She kind of chuckled, but she did say That's so nice.

Maybe I am nice, in reality and in blog world.

This is the last day of the sale: on-line only on messenger bags and large backpacks. Make a college girl happy.


Duchesse said...

Thanks, Frugal! I appreciate the grace with which you handled the call.

Most of the time people can sense an intention to help or contribute to their well-being; they sense the sincerity behind it.

PS Since I am stern but nice, really liked this description.

Frugal Scholar said...

Duchesse--Thanks for pushing me to DO THE RIGHT THING.